Adventure Time Encyclopaedia - sneak peek

Adventure Time is probably the best cartoon currently running on TV. Here’s a sneak peek at the forthcoming book, Adventure Time Encyclopaedia: Inhabitants, Lore, Spells, and Ancient Crypt Warnings of the Land of Ooo Circa 19.56 B.G.E. - 501 A.G.E., by Martin Olson, the voice actor of The Lord of Evil on the show, who… READ THE REST

Ain’t no Enchiridion, but it’s sure to be better than Mind Games by Jay T. Dawgzone.

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Oh. My. Glob.

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Adventure Time is probably the best cartoon currently running on TV.

Close competitor with The Life & Times of Tim imo, though they are amazing for totally different reasons and there’s been no new Tim eps this year.

Dunno if this appeared on BB but a couple weeks back laughing squid featured these freaking saweet collages made from cut-up comics, one of which was adventure time.

I made a wallpaper for anyone with a large display: (colour unaltered) (slighty darkened to allow icon readability)

fellow fans of adventure time: let it be known that we at wacko / soap plant in hollywood will be hosting the official uber-event for the release of this amazing tome on saturday, august third from 3p - 10p. join us for a celebration of all things AT! author & lord of evil - martin olson - will be in attendance to sign your book along with his daughter in real life & on the show - marceline the vampire queen, olivia olson! also joining us will be the shows creators, animators, the book’s illustrators (including tony millionaire, celeste moreno & mahendra singh!). there will be sing-a-longs of the shows beloved tunes, exclusive merchandise & animation & myriad more eccentric things! for more information, please follow us on facebook at - - or, email us at to pre-order a book!

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