Adventure Time: The Art of Ooo - Concept art and storyboards from the best cartoon of the century so far



Ours arrived yesterday. We’re all loving it. Even my son - who’s only marginally interested in the show (or likes to pretend he’s only marginally interested but watches it any time we put it on and knows pretty much everything about the shows characters) - likes the “how to” or “how it was made” aspect.

I’m usually not big into coffee table books but this one I love.

Mmmmmmmm… check please.


I’d wager the short lived Marvellous Misadventure of Flapjack - which ended in part to facilitate Adventure Time and The Regular Show - is much better than both.

BB represents a congregation of smart, insightful people of a particular intellectual inclination. So…

Is anyone else seeing what I’m seeing in AT?

I think so, but me and BMO… I mean, what would the children look like…

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