Adventures in Oversharing - ZOMG Glowy Rocks - or - Mister.44's Fluorescent Minerals

ETA - Two new samples - 4.18.2020

ETA - BIRB FEATHERS THAT GLOW - and my one Uranium glass piece - 4.27.2020

So with reduced hours and no commute, I have several extra hours in the day. And so I need to desperately declutter. I started with the most logical place, the cabinet with my partially organized rock collection - because even though it already had its place and was relatively organized, it clearly is the best place to begin over the stacks of boxes containing god knows what.

So I took pics of my glowy rocks. I got a cheap but serviceable Shorwave/Longwave UV lamp. Blacklights are usually Longwave, and many of the best fluorescent minerals glow only under Shortwave. So I was sooo stoked when I finally found a decent lamp at last years gem and mineral show.

So here are the rocks under normal light, and rocks under UV light. Some of them don’t photograph that well with my phone camera, and some actually look a little better - like the ones that glow red/purple. So in some cases I know what I have due to buying them and having them labeled. Several of these I found in rock piles in yard, even glowing faintly under LW light. And some were stuff I have had since I was a kid and I have no idea where they are from. A lot f them were polished in a rock tumbler.

So, anyway here we go - enjoy!

Amber from India

A grouping of Orange Calcite, Green Uranium Glass Slag, and Blue Fluorite

I have had these items for decades. I found them as a kid, but not sure where. I am pretty sure this is a type or Uranium glass, but from what? It has black glass mixed in and the sides are rough and even appear to have some rock like stuff stuck to the side. Maybe this is slag glass too and mixed in with other glass or some sand. But wow does it glow.

Gypsum crystals. Rather faint glow, but a less common blue.

Ruby in glass vial and ruby in green zoisite

Dunno what this - I think its a granite or some other metamorphic rock with differnt bits of minerals

A group of unknown polished rocks that glow green

A group of unknown polished rocks that glow orange. The two on the right look like basalt maybe? They are just a dark grey rock. The others are these banded blue rocks which I think I found on some train tracks with my dad to polish up.

Another group of unknown polished rocks which glow orange - with one having some green!

These dont photograph well. I have no idea what they are, but I think it might just be a lime stone. I think I found these all in just peoples yard rock with just a regular black light and these glow under both SW and LW. To the eye these glow a faint orange, but on camera it is more of white. But the left you definitely see stripes/layers, the right one just has a general glow, and the bottom one looks like a deposit of something. Or maybe it is a fossil? Something soft bodied even?

Dunno what these are but they are a light red metamorphic rock and both I think are the same kind of rock. But look at that red/purple! The camera seems to bring out this color better than what you see with the eye.

An odd bunch - something orange with an almost fibrous structure that reminds me of Selentite, and white rock that could be anything, and another metamorphic rock with bits of red.

I know I picked this up because it looked like two rocks in on. And later I took the UV light to it. Like that group above this is a faint orange, and glows under both SW and LW. But it shows a clear glowing line where the two types of rock meet.

Maybe a marble? But it has an orange streak in it

Blue slag glass that used to be in an aquarium

Calcite from England. I got this awesome one before I got my lamp. But it and the Willemite are my finale!

Willemite with Calcite - Franklin, NJ - this is one of the more common "WOW! minerals and I bought this before I got my lamp.

Two new samples. I ended up looking at my book shelf with my light, and my two geodes glow some. They are both from Mexico, I believe, but different areas.

The first one I get every year at the ren fair with the kiddo and we each keep half. The purple in the pic is just the UV lamp, but it has a ring of green!

The second one is druzy quartz also from Mexico. It is much more fragile than the other one. It glows white with a little green pocket.


Those are pretty…

also… obligatory!


This is funny, too:



So rocks have secret lives? They’re all beautiful, but the ruby in zoisite is gorgeous even without the light.


“Glowy rocks” to entice the lay person.

“Fluorescent minerals for the serious person.”



As a kid, well and as adult, I just love colors (also origin of the love of comics and stamps.). Pouring over the books from the library all the different colors of minerals out there is amazing.

Of course living in Kansas it’s like, “Hope you like limestone and sandstone. Maybe some gypsum. Oh and chert. You need some chert?”

-me looking up from the book full of dozens of colors -

“So my choices are… grey and brown?”

“Yep. Well we got light grey and dark grey too. And dark and light brown!”

Sigh - there are some more interesting geological features if you know where to find them, but it really sucks over all.


Chert might not look all that exotic but in my corner of the world you can find arrowheads and other tools made from chert and flint in the Stone Age. What chert might lack in color it makes up for in sturdiness and historical usefulness :blush:


Where is “your corner” of the world?

When I was a kid there was a guy who was an expert on local Native artifacts (Osage Co.). He had been collecting as a kid and had some amazing points, including long, unbroken spears, ax heads, and both the stone and the bowl for grinding up grain. I learned a lot from him in a few afternoons, like how to tell worked flint or chert vs just a rock.

He took me on a hunt once and while he found 3 nice arrowheads, I found a single point. But I have gotten a few items sense then at estate sales etc.


My corner is Denmark (Northern Europe). My grandparents lived in an area where neolithic scraper tools and arrow heads are fairly easy to find. Visiting as a kid I always kept my eyes to the ground - I collected every interesting rock, seashell, and pretty piece of glass I found on the beach. I also collected a lot of petrified (or do I mean calcified?) sea urchins and calcitic Belemnitida guards.


Neat! There are of course Native artifacts in the US, but unless you know where to look on private land, it is rather harder to find.

Neat you found such things as urchins and belemnitida! I mostly find shells, crinoid stems, and brachiopods. The only really cool thing is my dad found a spine of a large fish in clay once.


Hey - I found two more things on my self that glowed some, so that is added to the top. While I was there, here hare a few non glowy things I have on display.

A nice, large quartz crystal from Arkansas. I got a good deal on this at a craft show. I found out there are quartz mines in Arkansas and wanted to take the kiddo there this year for sure. Now… maybe the fall??

Petrified wood - i think this came from the old family farm near Flatonia, Texas It does have a little area that glows - if I cut it the inside might have glowing bands , but I probably wont do that.

A gift. Phacops Trilobite from Morocco. It - uh - it might be partially fake… or all of it fake. But it still looks nice.

Another large Moroccan trilobite that again might be fake - but if it is - its a darn good one. And for the price i paid I consider it ok as a decorative object.


OH, hey @Mindysan33, my “” pin which is red glows orange - even under normal black light. Cool to know!



Those are some luscious ro…er, minerals!

Neverending Story - Rockbiters, Exquisite Gourmet Rocks 2




Anyone wanna see glowy rocks on a Friday?


Which of these rocks is best for treating coronavirus if ingested?

Kiddo and I would. She’s very into gems and pretty shiny minerals, and we’ve enjoyed your images. I have to see if I can find our black light and try it out on our small collection.


Um… the small ones… I’d go with the Rubies.

Black light might show up some stuff, but most of what I have above requires a short wave UV lamp.

This is very similar to the one I have, if not the one I have. I paid bit under $100 at a gem and mineral show. It had no stand, nor did it have a selection of minerals with it (though the lady at the booth let us pick some out.) But the shortwave lamp is the long part at the bottom, and the black light is on one of the ends like a traditional flashlight. Pricey, but way cheaper than many models. There might be cheaper/better alternatives, I am just relaying what I have.

But yes - half of what I have is just from scanning my rocks!


Holy crap - did you know pigeons are florescent? I need to find me a pigeon!


Ok, I didn’t find a pigeon, but I did find a cockatiel - and with some molted feathers determined…


They glow not really under shortwave, but normal longwave UV light that is the same as a normal black light. I am going to give my GF a spare black light flashlight and let her see what her birb looks like under it.

ETA - oh this makes sense because bird can see further into the UV spectrum, not just visible light. I know they make those seemingly clear decals for your windows if you keep getting birds running into them.

Also, while I had photoshop open, made made the normal/UV for my Uranium glass cup. These glow under both SW and LW.