Advice for people defrauded by Wells Fargo

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While the advice is nice and proper, at this point, what the public, client or not, needs to know is that some people are going to face serious jail time over this to ensure anybody thinking of doing the same realizes it is not just a case of do it, if they catch you you only have to return the money and pay a cheap penalty…


Every single Wells Fargo customer needs to cancel their accounts (all of them) and write a letter to a board member stating that they will not get your money back until they fire the CEO and other executives, with cause, so no golden parachutes.


I was hoping CFPB was going to provide the CEO’s home address, or at least the location of the pillory he was going to be held on display.


This shit seems to happen less at a non-profit credit union.


I already bailed on “too big to fail” ages ago.

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Agree - I’ve had much better luck with credit unions than I’ve ever had with a bank. My cousin had a BOA mortgage and they messed her up; have been keeping track of these stories as it seems like these big banks get away with anything. I’d just move onto CU’s if I were you guys.

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