Aerial photos of sea-salt flats

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There’s a bunch of Cargill evaporation ponds south of San Francisco - some that are very visible from the Dumbarton bridge. I used to drive by them every day on my way to work. Last time I flew into SFO I made sure to snap a picture. Certainly not as stylish or well composed but my pictures were from a commercial airliner so cut me some slack here.


Too salty for me.

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The salt ponds on the island of Bonaire are cool because they’re also the feeding ground for huge flocks of pink flamingos that make a daily commute from Venezuela, hang out and eat brine shrimp all day and then as the sun sets they all take off and fly home. Pink skies, baby.


Those salt flats would make great stained glass designs. On a large scale like a full sized door or windows those would be incredible with various textures of glass.


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