Aeropress has made a travel version that fits inside of its own mug

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I’ve worn out a couple of Aeropresses from daily use, and also given them as gifts (w/ SS filter, which lets the oils through). But for any coffee maker, the grind size and length of time the water is with the grounds is critical. (Google “the last coffee grind size chart you’ll ever need”)

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narrower huh? that means the requisite porlex mini grinder won’t fit inside any more…

I use a pismo. Bonus-- I don’t have to invert my aeropress to get the water to stay intermingled with the coffee dustings.

But why won’t they make a large version so that I can press out mass quantities of bean juice before setting about my daily tasks?

(I already know how to make 2 cups at a go, but more than that? Inconceivable!)

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I’m guessing it’s to minimize getting sued for 1000ml spilling on someone filling their unstable travel mug.

I do the whole fill full, gravity drain, fill some more H2O and plunge. 2 scoops fine grind.

Is there a better way to get 750-1L of strong good coffee out of these things?

Best as i can figure it from the info in the video (volume of the mug 460ml) and the ratio of 2 to 3 diameter to hight as shown on the the video gives a diameter of 7.5cm to 11cm tall (this is super rough and approximate I am measuring a picture on a screen and going by a manufacturers figure on volume.)

For a second I was worried that Alan Adler, the inventor of the original Aeropress, no longer was with the company. Then I researched and realized that he’d only sold off the toy parts of Aerobie Inc., not the Aeropress parts of the business.

I’m now confident enough to pre-order one for my office/travel.

I’m still using my v1 Aeropress regularly but this will be very handy for travel and camping use.

Very curious to see what the difference in size/diameter will be as the instructions for use are a bit different. For the regular Aeropress, you put in a scoop of coffee, level it, then pour in water to the “2” on the side. Stir, press. For the travel version, you fill it to the “1”.

I have been using a JavaJug to travel with my Aeropress for years, is it only a Canadian thing?
Java Jug 2

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Speaking from just south of your border, I’d never heard of it but just ordered one. They look great, thanks for the tip!

Me too! I’m a 3-5 cup a day coffee drinker, always use the Aeropress at work. My co-workers refer to it as a penis pump. I don’t care, they’re drinking Keurig…ew.

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