Aeropress coffee maker just $22 right now

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Thanks, MF.
Great price for a great product! This is our camping coffee maker. I only wish it was twice as big and did two servings at a time. Perhaps I need to buy a second one to accomplish this.

I only use an AeroPress for my coffee at home. It’s pretty quick and even my so-so taste buds can tell the difference between AeroPress and French press coffees.

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Best coffee maker I’ve ever had. I use it everyday. It’s the fasted easiest coffee and a super quick clean up. The trick is to make it upside down. Pull the plunger out about halfway, fill with coffee and put the filter cap, with a wet filter inside of course, on and then flip it over onto your cup. Easier for morning brain.

You won’t need all the other stuff that comes with it. The funnel, I’ve never used. I don’t know why it comes with a travel bag, I just pack in in with my stuff.
It can do two cups at once, just put more coffee in it.

I use this grinder as well. The two work well together when travelling.

It looks like it could double as a bong.

Yes, but where is the attachment for the coffee enemas?

Postive or negative?

I don’t know if the special coupon was for prime day only because they’re is no coupon now​:thinking::cry:


Positive for the AeroPress. I like my coffee to have some bite, so I use dark roast Sumatra. If I use my French press, it’s harsh tasting in comparison to the AP.


That’s the ‘easter egg’ that comes with it!


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Well, that’s a relief.

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