Afeni Shakur, RIP

I’m a little surprised this hasn’t made it here yet:


How sad.


I just wish that article gave more details about what she did as a Black Panther activist, and less about giving birth to Tupac, how Tupac “celebrated her,” and being the custodian for Tupac’s legacy.

Really, all that it tells us about her non-Tupac-related activities are that she was a “prominent Black Panther figure” and a “fighter” who “spent 11 months in jail while on charge for conspiracy in 1969.”

Why was she a prominent Black Panther figure?

Conspiracy to do what?

How was she a fighter?

I haven’t been on Jezebel for awhile, but I expected more from them. I expected to see “RIP, strong, powerful Black Panther activist who accomplished all of these things, and by the way, she had a son,” and less, “RIP, Tupac’s mom.”


Agreed. More on Afeni and less on her child.

But apparently Jasmine Guy wrote a book about her:

And here is some specific details on her history activism:


I wonder what/if writing or community projects interested her before she died?

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