After all this, SCO never even owned Unix

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I remember following that trial so closely.

Mainly, because SCO was one of the OSes I had to support and it was just shit.

I toast this G&T to the corpse of SCO. Rot In Piece.

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The logo still causes a twitch of hate.

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Heh. I recently revisited a system I helped write ~25 years ago for a small factory, that ran originally on SCO Xenix and was later running on OpenServer. The hardware it was running on wasn’t quite THAT old, but still old enough. Of course, back then SCO was really Santa Cruz Operation and not run by (IMO) con artists.

I got the old system to run on a modern Linux distro, running on modern hardware. Access was and still is via terminal emulator. Almost all of the rest of the team who wrote it moved on long ago.

One thing I discovered was that the SCO system cheerfully allowed some rookie-mistake code to run which would instantly segfault on a modern Linux system. Fortunately, this system was never exposed to the Internet.

Modern debugging tools were a lifesaver. I’d have hated to try debugging it with command-line gdb, let alone the ancient debuggers (sdb or adb) in SCO-land.

Ah, gotta love the time warp articles. I spent far too long thinking “wait, I thought this was already decided long ago???” before noticing that this was for an article from 2007.

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