An "obsessive," "anti-imperialist" Turing Complete computer language with only one command

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Mh, I think I’ll stick with Ook! for the time being.


I am Groot!


I’m kind of relieved this person focuses on making their own OSs in pointlessly esoteric code instead of trying to engage with real-world politics. They and the rest of the world are both happier this way.


It’s more like he wrote a C compiler for the OISC, and then wrote an OS in C.
It’s more sensible and less esoteric than it seems at first glance.


Actually he wrote an emulator for that CPU too. That guy is a deluded crackpot. There is a long thread with him on EEVBlog forum where he was trying to push this as a viable alternative to mainstream systems, all the while trying to control everything, including which apps he lets the developers write and run on the system.

See here:

It is clear that while he is a good programmer, he has no clue about how modern CPUs and OSes actually work and neither about the business realities of writing an OS. E.g. he didn’t build TCP/IP support and anything internet because “it is bloated, nobody understands it and it is inefficient”. (to paraphrase his words). Who cares that his political views don’t matter if the users can’t get any work done …

So it is a pretty programming exercise - but utterly useless as an OS due to the ego of its creator.


Write an OS in Malbolge and I might be impressed.


They must be really fun at parties.

oh, sure, this guy is batshit and the OS is not useful.
But as a of proof of concept it is not so inscrutable or otherwordly as time-cube or whatever.
I guess RISC-V architecture is the more realistic future alternative for reducing the bloat this wingnut is ranting against. But it’s super cool to see someone tackling a fundamental problem, just because it shows it can be tackled.


Nice rant about something most don’t really care about, or more exactly we can forget about with a brisk walk or some play time with the dog. Oh and he much have a problem using capital letters as well.

Is he not an anticapitalist too?


While we’re at that, the whole Latin Alphabet was established, used and spread by the Roman Empire. Using it means participating in our past-imperialist auto-oppression!


And a situational punctuator.


I love this. Extra hearts. The folks complaining here don’t seem to understand programming as speculative fiction, or programing as art.


Okay, if you love to suffer, then run default stock Debian on a 300 MHz CPU, leave all the unnecessary services running, and for Dog’s sake, Dogmatically stick with KDE or GNOME, eschewing all lightweight window manager options!


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Raspbian (Debian) Linux isn’t the only option for Raspberry Pi hardware. There are lots of options off the beaten track like RISC OS, QNX and some real-time projects.

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Plus, he seems to want money for it…

This reminds me a lot of the obsessive guy working on TempleOS - well, as long as they’re happy and occupied.


It reminded me of it too, but sadly Terry Davis died a few weeks ago. (Also, I thought that TempleOS was more interesting as an OS. This project seems to be more about the processor.)


Awwww, I missed that. That explains the big torrent dump of TempleOS and videos that just popped up last week.