After being robbed, Japanese guy walks home 870 miles in 11 days, doesn't bother to call his mother

Found this one on Neatorama, should make for an interesting discussion on the Boing Boing.
File this one under WTF!!!


google maps says

1,260 km, 261 hours

Let’s say this otoko took 8 hours a day to sleep, eat and go to the toire. That leaves 173 hours in 11 days of walking non-stop, otoko covered a bit over 7 km/hr (a bit over 4 mph).

Everything about this story is fishy. Robbed in Japan?
“Oh, I don’t want to create a fuss, so I’ll let dear old mother sink into a pit of despair for eleven days”.

Although, a guy in my hometown was dispatched to the store by his mother, to buy bread for lunch. Should have taken half an hour at most.
Two weeks later, he bothers to phone home, from Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca. “Hi mom, sorry about the bread”.

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Resident of Japan here. It does happen from time to time.

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