I was in Japan for 5 weeks and the only thing I missed were my hangnail nippers

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Once you get to about 2 months in Japan you realize what you really miss, the itch that is impossible to scratch, is Tacos and Gucamole.


After many weeks in SE Asia the thing I really craved upon my return was a pint of cold, pasteurised, British milk.


The next time you go to Japan I encourage you to check out Tohoku, the large northeastern region of the country.

Tohoku doesn’t have as many famous sights or history as Kyoto or Tokyo, but there are still a lot of great places to visit and is far less crowded than pretty much anywhere else in Japan. Plus their temples, baths, and lovely cities like Sendai and Akita are visited far less by tourists. And these places are only a few hours away from Tokyo by shinkansen.

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I can’t tell if this is an endorsement of Japan, a dig at L.A., or shameless glee at having perfected one’s travel kit checklist.

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At $12, I have one pair at home and one pair that stays in my travel kit. That said, last time I went to Japan, they made me pull them out to look at them. Thankfully, they didn’t find them dangerous and let me continue through.

If it is like most of the white people I know, it is a Humblebrag about getting to go to Japan.


I got dinged for a multitool in Germany last time I rolled through. The lady took it to some security folks, and came back saying, “It eez such a cute little thing! Not dangerous at all, you may keep it!”

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That was the thing Carla said she missed!

You can get cold, pasteurised Australian milk in SE Asia, at least in the big cities. Not the cheapest stuff, but it beats powdered milk.

My brother got picked up for having a pocket knife - the blade of which was well under concern level (2cm I think?). He had genuinely forgotten about it, didn’t care for it at all and was more than happy to hand it over to be incinerated, and the whole transaction took ten times as long as the security went off to find their safe-blade-length measuring tool, and kept giving him furtive glances while he’s desperately trying to just get them to throw it out.
He got to keep the knife.

I’ve been stopped for what I thought was tiny scissors in a tiny first aid kit (when I forget to put it on check-in). After three or four times it turned out the reason they were really concerned was I was craming so much of my four year olds stuff in my bag (to keep him happy in the plane) that they couldn’t reliably scan it. It was pulling out the teddy bear that finally led to them letting me know what was going on. (Of course the rest of the family had moved on to the lounge so I did look a little awkward being thoroughly inspected, which everyone stares at anyone, and then the first thing they pull out is a bear…)

Well for me it was a long time ago and I doubt it was there then - modern chilled supply chains have come on a lot - and I was not in any cities for any length of time. No palatable cold milk to gulp down in draughts was something I missed over the course of several months.

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