After Eight Years on Boing Boing...The JOHN WILCOCK Comic Concludes!

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Does anyone have the link to the interview where he mentions sadness over the divorce? I feel like I’ve gotten to know John Wilcock intimately after reading these comics and would like to engage with this aspect of his life.


I can’t believe it’s been eight years! What a great read!


Bravo! Very entertaining read.

Also, What Is Truth?


Hi Seanny123 - Thanks for the good comment - As the interviewer, I can answer that. The completed book will contain an afterword describing John talking about his love for Amber right up until his death in 2018. Neither remarried.

He really loved her. And there were some working conflicts. Some clues about what brought about the separation are seen in the last few months’ comic pages.

There’s a GREAT zine John put out in the 1970s called “John Wilcock’s Secret Diary” - If you seek out Issue 28, October 1978, you’ll find an account of his and Amber’s peaceful but sad separation. That entire issue of Secret Diary will be included in the completed book, along with a planned digital download of hundreds of pages of John’s other underground publications.

Scott and I thank everyone for the cool comments over the series of the run, too.


Why must all good things come to an end? This happy mutant will be keen for the next bit, don’t let this be THE END, rather The End of this chapter.

Good Show!


This really is a fantastic project. Rare to see such great artwork matched to equally engrossing true-life tales. Thanks and good luck with the Kickstarter, I’ll be waiting.


Wait. What?! I’ve been reading this for 8 fucking years?!

Am I…



Just wait. You don’t know old yet.

Also: Say it aint so, Joe!

Brilliant job, guys. Enjoyed each and every one of these.

I’m really curious though how you met John in the first place and how did this project come about?


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