After Propublica expose, the "nonprofit," "Christian" Memphis University Hospital suspends practice of suing the shit out of poor people

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Mark your calendars: 30 days means “wait until it drops out of the news cycle, then start again.”


The core issue here isn’t about one greedy hospital, but the exorbitant cost of healthcare overall. Asking any organization, profit or non-profit, to not collect on bills due isn’t a viable long-term solution. The solution is to lower the cost of medial care across the board so these necessary services are affordable by all.

Asking any organization to selectively and arbitrarily choose when to collect bills and when not to collect bills opens the door up to all kinds of potential discriminatory practices. While this hospital may indeed be run by greedy administrators, requiring payment for services isn’t bad management practice. Let’s not rely on selective charity as the backbone of our medical system but fix the core issue of egregious profit-making off of people’s poor health.


Caught red-handed (Ha! A pun! Surgeons cutting new bills! HaHA!), and these people roll over like cockroaches in front of a can of Aqua-net.

Someone should remind Bishop Mueller that people have had previous issues with churches and money.

Yes, but in health care the prices people are billed for their care often have very little to do with the actual costs of providing those services. There is a huge disconnect between the two - largely due to profit-making motives - that any reform of the system needs to address.


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Bishop Mueller: However, even as Methodist addresses these very real challenges, I cannot imagine the pain and hurt so many would feel if this outstanding system were not present in the communities it serves.

Is this a mealy-mouthed way to say “Don’t like exploitative health care? Imagine how you’d do with no health care at all!” ?


the “nonprofit,” “Christian” Memphis University Hospital suspends practice of suing the shit out of poor people

Thank God/Magic Dude in the Sky for that, I think…


Ahh God works in mysterious ways…because it’s a mystery why these alleged Christians haven’t had the living shit smited out of themselves.


Thank you for sharing this here. I otherwise probably wouldn’t have heard this story.

The “non profit hospital” is definitely a status that should be open to public debate.

Where I live, the competing health systems have scaled their operations rapidly over the last 20 years, building new facilities, gobbling up city land (tax free) and employing large percentages of the population at not always the best wages. While “not for profit”, the executive privileges that come with working inside an organization like this are considerably lucrative. They are run like major for profit corporations, plain and simple.

I would be especially curious to know how these non-profit entities interact with for profit company suppliers and contractors. While the direct entity may be labeled as a non-profit, there are still lots of profits to be made by for profit companies through the non-profit entity with supplies like equipment, medications, etc.

To the person who wrote the original story on this-

Thank you!

People like you who drag scum of the earth “Christians” and other scumbags into the light of day are the only thing keeping me barely passably sane.

Thank Cory for posting it here too.

I want these bastards unable to sleep at night until their villainy on the poor is over


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