After sexual harassment account, Uber exposé shows aggressive, unrestrained work culture


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Ah, the deafening silence of no-one at all being surprised.


Um… well… Some guy in the building on another floor got shit faced at lunched and had to be escorted out of the building by cops. That’s all I got for drama here.

At my old job people were stealing my lunch.


Pro tip: if you think you are this; you aren’t. If you think that being this would be good; you should probably be reprocessed.


This is the same organization that survives by wringing money from the destitute and is doomed to crash and burn if the self-driving car doesn’t take off soon, right?


Holder will clean that excrement up.


[quote=“Indubitably, post:6, topic:95645, full:true”]
Holder will clean that excrement up.
[/quote]Holder, who is one of a team of five, three of which have an outright financial and/or professional interest in Uber coming out smelling of roses. The same Holder who works for Covington & Burling, long-time Uber legal representatives, and in that capacity, has defended Uber in court on multiple occasions.

Call me crazy, but I’m not so confident he will.


I guess their name really was derived from Übermensch.


Again, who’d imagine a zero-hour contract company would be so shitty to work at.

I’ve heard a lot about how “the biggest transportation company doesn’t own a single car”. That’s because they are actually in the business of unhinged exploitation of cheap work, [edit] of putting the “reserve army of labour” to generate some revenue to them between gigs, expecially during crises [/edit] . Doesn’t surprise me a bit that they also cultivate a cut-throat culture inside their offices.



I had a nearly full Olive Garden entree someone at and I left a nasty note. HR then made a statement that people caught would be fired and they gave me a gift card.


I’m the guy with eight ounces of powdered bhut jolokia in his kitchen.

Nobody’s stealing my lunch.


Not sure if this is about stealing lunches or sexual harassment.


Ahh yes, Big Swinging Dick Management Culture meets software development: Coffee is for closers only!!!

Maybe self-coding AIs will actually be a good thing for the industry, by removing the white male penis from the equation.


I dunno I think maybe you got the better end of the deal here. I’d probably leave that out for the thief to take out of spite. (Then again I live were there are way way better options for food)


Well it cost me over and hours worth of work to buy, so I was a bit pissy. They also ate my TV dinners some times, but those were only like $2.50.






That’s the sound of my app being deleted.

This is one of the drivers of the tech investment mess.


The app comes standard on Galaxy phones.

Doesn’t matter, I’ll still try to delete it.


Also here’s Liane Hornsey from her Google days.