After the Boy Scouts opens up to trans kids, queer kids and girls, the Mormons severed their 105-year relationship to scouting


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the Mormons severed their 105-year relationship to scouting

Adios mofos!


Well, whodathunk the Boy Scouts would ever be assimilated by the gay borg?

One day it’ll be Mormon’s turn. Run, Mormons, run!



You can’t say that the Mormons aren’t letting everyone know that they’re sticking to their core values. Sure, they’re the values of a bunch of desiccated old white bigots, but values none-the-less.


Having seen The Book of Mormon, I’m sure they’re all really nice people though.




I guess that, with 65% of their charter organisations being “faith based”, being more inclusive on the gender front is a brave move by the Boy Scouts of America. I hope that others don’t follow the Mormon exodus.


I didn’t know the Mormons or any other church were affiliated with the Boy Scouts. I was never a scout so this was news to me.


The Boy Scouts of America appears to be much more associated with religious groups than the British Boy Scouts. As far as I’m aware, Baden Powell was not so concerned with a Scout’s race, creed or colour, as much as with his character.

Back when I was a woggle-wearing member, we used to roll our eyes at the Boys’ Brigade, with their church parades.


This has been coming for a long time. The inherent conflict between “we’re a public non-profit so the government should support us and our good works” and “We’re a private religious organization, so don’t ask us to accept gays or atheists.” has been getting more difficult to try and paper over. Frankly, trying to do so has required a level of disengenousness that is inconsistent with the scout oath’s promise to be honest.


It is clear the Mormons still embrace an “us vs them” worldview, opting to continue to isolate from the world and push their heterosexist agenda.


Good riddance. I was a pretentious little shit in the Boy Scouts that neither understood nor cared what it was like to be a non-WASP (read: Republican) and would have sided with the Mormons. I got my Eagle Scout award in 1993 and have become diametrically opposed to what I believed then. The recent moves by the Scouts have persuaded my wife and I that their beliefs aren’t as antiquated anymore and that perhaps our son should give scouting a try.


Don’t let the door hit you where the good Lord split you!


Based on my own experience being raised a Mormon and participating in their scouting program, most Mormon scout troops and leaders probably wouldn’t have been recognized by Lord Baden-Powell as having much to do with actual scouting.

My younger brother’s Mormon scoutmaster let him pass the cooking and first aid merit badge requirements over the telephone. How can you show proficiency in either of those skills over the phone? This was pretty typical in my experience.

The Mormons I’ve talked to are seeing this parting of ways as being spurred by the new co-ed scouting programs, and the fear that girls and boys would be expecting to go off to summer camp together. It’s a longtime practice that Mormon girls and boys not participate in overnight activities together, unless it is done on a family basis.

So no more Mormon Eagle Scouts, unless they earn it by participating in non-Mormon troops. The blanket adoption of Scouting by Mormons as part of their young men’s program is a big part of what was keeping the BSA alive for the last several decades, it will be interesting to see how this plays out for them.

I wish them well.


I tried to lookup my Eagle Scout award proof on but who the fuck remembers the specific date of their board of review 25 years ago?


Freedom of religion & freedom of association are cornerstones of American Civil Liberties. Are you all suggesting these rights should be somehow denied because you don’t agree with another’s chosen way to practice same?

For those keeping track, Eagle Scout here, who never knew my Mormon neighbors to be anything but kind, helpful, loving family folks.


A “real” Scout would have written it down; be prepared! :wink:


Ha, I’ll turn in my award now!


In the South Park universe, the Mormon church would now co-opt the Black Panthers. I want to live in that universe.