Boy Scouts of America to allow transgender boys to enroll


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i’m sure president bannon has some thoughts about THAT.


Beat me to it. I wonder when the executive order is getting signed


Oh o spaghettiOs! Now you’re in trouble…


Welcome to where you should have been a decade and a half ago, BSA.


Amazing. When my son was a scout they were still outing gay kids. How times change.


It wouldn’t at all surprise me; but you never know: In ye olde liberal paradise of Iran toleration of transexuals; but not homosexuals, is the rule.

Which, if you are working from some sort of ‘natural law’-variant position and not just reacting to what squicks you, isn’t really as peculiar as it sounds. Homosexuals transgress the preferred gender norms; while transexuals seek to be able to uphold the norms of the gender they identify with but were unfortunately not equipped as.

It’s a fundamentally illiberal position; but it has a sort of internal logic to it.



30, at least. Or more. The Mormons are to blame I gather, as they assumed executive leadership in the early 80’s of the org.

《~~~Eagle scout with 2 proud gay eagles in the family (brother and cousin).


He’s not the first one.

I’d link to a Foreign Policy article which blatantly called Bannon that in a headline, but it’s pay-walled, unfortunately.


Wake me when they admit atheists.


Wow, the Mormons have really lost their control over the BSA and I couldn’t be happier (beyond the aforementioned atheism.)


I am not so involved anymore, but with dwindling numbers, they probably are forced to go back on some policies in order to take government funding.

Put another way, wait until the big orange hairy eye of Sauron turns it’s gaze to the BSA. Best hope of holding on to the newly gained ground is if the prez has a beef with the Mormons.


Do any of those other countries have two organizations (one for boys, one for girls) where people can join regardless of their sexual orientation, and so long as they identify as a boy or a girl respectively, regardless of their anatomy?

If not, I think grouping the US with those other countries is a tad silly.


How magnanimous of them.

I’m sure their masters at the mormon church are seeing red over this.



Supposedly Friday.


I hear in Britain that boys are fighting to be allowed into the Girl Guides.

One one hand, I love the idea that some boys just prefer the guide vibe and girliness is not an impediment to their own male identity.

On the other hand, it could be co-opted by bad sorts who want to deny women/minorities their fortresses.


It depends on the troop. When I was in the scouts there were plenty of us who sat on the bus while everyone else was at church.


Just for context, I resigned my Eagle rank and mailed it back to the BSA HQ over this a few years ago.

There’s little honor in being an Eagle anymore. In spite of whatever good accomplishments the thing might mean, it’s tainted by the organization that awarded it.