After viral Youtube denunciations, Germany's establishment parties falter -- so the ruling party's leader faxed her colleagues demanding action

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What’s the German term for “out-of-touch Boomer”?

And the question arises with regard to the issue of spin: what exactly are the rules from the analog domain, and which rules apply to the digital sector, yes or no?

First step to answering that question: using e-mail instead of faxes. Second step: not having your assistant print out the e-mails for you to read.

That’s a question we will discuss.

Via fax.

And that’s why this discussion will be very aggressive.

[dials furiously] Squeeee-ahhhhhhhhh


Joe Biden…


One bit of context you might be missing as an American is that other countries have “quiet periods” before elections, where it’s illegal to print certain political news just before an election. I’m not sure if Germany has this but from the fax (hehe) it sounds like this YouTube video might have got sent around during a “quiet period”. I’m not defending anyone, just prounting that out.


faxed ?? :joy:


I actually thought about this, but would this be “campaigning” or “discussing” and would that make a difference? If the goal is to actually squelch discussion about an election, that might be news. At the same time, Americans have a quasi-religious attachment to Freedom of Speech, and so tend to misinterpret a/o overreact to laws in other countries that do not respect our feelings.


“How dare they use their right of free speech, and the tools of the internet to express their views, which are contrary to our views!”

“Asymmetric campaign leadership”? Well, “asymmetric” sure sounds a lot nicer than “lopsided” or “unequal.”


there is no such thing in germany as a “quiet period” before elections, at least not in form of journalism and/or freedom of speech, which is exactly what rezo did, just use his right to speech in public.

and it was fucking glorious!


just to show you all with what “professionalism” we have to deal here in germany:

his presumptive first video ever. this, THIS guy is the official “digital-politic-speaker” of the ruling party CDU. yep, and no computer on his desk whatsoever.


Maybe when she talked about the “analog domain” she was referring specifically to his office.

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Helpful tip: Don’t bring a fax to a video fight.


That’s because he has the latest Cybertronic implants.

The use of fax machines by the hierarchy is because anything more hi-tech is liable to be taken over the creatures from the Dark Symmetry.

It’s the only rational explanation for current events…

If they’re anything like all the Germans I know, it’ll be via Whatsapp.

I don’t understand its popularity but there it is.


I-m nost sure but in Germany there isn-t a Registered mail equivalent mad with email. In Italy there is PEC, where one could send timestamped and digitally signed emails that are considered legally equal to registered paper mail. FAX are considered registered emails provided some characteristics.
The fax transmission is timestamped by the phone company, so one could not deny to have received a fax in a certain date.

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it was the first easy-to-use messenger, it mostly superseded SMS and nobody gave a fuck as it was bought by FB. nearly every german has an FB-account and despite common belief and the self-perception of germany as a whole, germans are lazy (which in itself isnt necessarily a bad thing as we all hopefuly know).


Because it worked out so well the last time Germany tried to silence political dissent…


Fax you! Fax me? Go fax yourself, lady.

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Now that I think about it, I’m surprised hipsters haven’t started using artisanal fax machines.


The CDU allways wanted total surveillance and censorship for the internet, thats nothing new. So there is a battle for freedom of speech and democratic freedoms in generall coming here in germany.


No, Americans generally correctly interpret them as banning speech they don’t think should be bannable. Overreaction is, of course, a judgement call.

Other countries do not have a 1st amendment and do not view “free speech” as we do. Many ban pro-Nazi propaganda, some ban hate speech in other areas. Our American view of Free Speech is just that, an American view. It is not universal, nor God-given. Even here, it is not all we would like to think it is, and is more notable in it’s violation than in its upholding, but as a notion, like equality before the law, I support it but recognize it as a goal rather than a reality. Other nations do not have that, and their laws reflect that. Not a right-or-wrong judgment, just a fact.