Ladies and Gentlemen, The Washington Post


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You still sure about that whole citizenship thing @beschizza?

also this has been sadly all to useful of late…


That first headline wasn’t actually a warning, per se…


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Good news, everyone! I’ve figured out how to weed out stupid voters!

On election day, just have all the GPS systems direct anyone asking for directions to the polling place into the nearly lake.

Eh? Eh? Not a bad idea, right?


I’m all in favor of weeding out ignorant Americans from the voting rolls. By a weird coincidence, everyone that votes differently than me happens to be ignorant.


Nearest lake of fire, you mean.


So the most read articles are controversial opinion pieces? Quelle surprise.


You too? Brothe—wait, who did you vote for last election?


I… I wasn’t aware Mordor had free elections…



Really, what’s more amazing is that the United States is only now plausibly close to fascism. You’d think given its military power, physical size, subservient media culture, predatory economy, and endemic, flag-swathed nationalism that deems itself ‘American exceptionalism’, that the country would’ve imploded decades ago.



No, that doesn’t make a bit of sense, but don’t worry, voter suppression is going just fine without it!


Robert Kagan’s May 18 How Fascism Comes to America cuts through a lot of noise.

And this morning: Poll shows Clinton, Trump in a virtual dead heat.


…assuming negative polling opinions correlates directly with numbers of actual votes, which is really debatable. Also, the same article said this:

Among all adults, Trump’s net negatives are significantly higher than those of Clinton.

Significantly higher =/= dead heat. But man do journalists love horse races!

EDIT: Also, I read Kagan’s article yesterday. It’s much more reasoned, and more scary than the Post fluff.


And never mind, proles, about the ones that consistently show that Sanders would do better against Trump! He needs to drop out, stat! Party unity, first woman president, mutter mutter mutter


There is a way to weed out ignorance. It is called education.


It doesn’t matter if rock beats scissors if rock can’t beat paper first.


Yes, and reporters seriously need to report that HRC’s support from corporations is categorically different from Sanders support from small donor individuals.

It’s very different for policy questions, and very different for getting the policies through Congress after Sanders is elected.

Sanders’ support is a movement. HRC’s is still a branding campaign.

Thank you for saying so. I agree. The Kagan article really hit me hard.