Agario is a horribly addictive browser game



Seems the server is pretty bussy as the game does not start, even after a long wait.

I hate online multiplayer, because everybody is that much better than me. I would think latency would also be a pretty major problem.

I can well remember last time I played an MMO, my screen froze in the middle of a battle. It stayed frozen for 20-30 seconds while I screamed at the computer. Then the game resumed with me very dead.

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I was not expecting to be eaten by others, repeatedly. And I most definitely have a slow connection with high latency (cough… at work), which I will claim contributed to my being the unwilling object of unrelenting and unwilling phagocytosis.


By allowing players to name their cell, I find the game retains that certain toll-esque vibe I get when playing MMORPG’s. It’s like in Guild Wars 2’s World-versus-World battles: you can’t talk to people on the opposing server, but they can emote at you to show just how large of a prick they are! For some people, communicating that is apparently very important business.

Did you try MMO BomberMan?

I could usually last for about 10seconds before somebody else would blow me up.

Ooooh, looks like they’ve updated since I last saw it - now includes some training. Which might have helped me survive past 10s.

I like it. I do notice that no matter how rude or obscure a handle I enter, eventually another player adopts it.

Why no, no I didn’t, and I’m just fine with that thanks!

I can’t help thinking this would make an awesome screensaver.

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