Age of Discovery-style map of modern submarine cables


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Good, they left out the ones that feed my undersea lair.


Interesting that Asia starts not at the Urals but at the Ukranian border. Of course, Metternich said Asia began at the Landstrasse…

I just stitched up 30 screencaps into a 45MB png. It’s pretty sweet.

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It looks as if the cartographers didn’t under stand the difference between “Asia Minor” and “Asia”, or about European Russia. So yes, presumably unintentionally they have produced a map which will give offence to a whole lot of people.

That will be bad for all those people who go looking at submarine cable maps and expect to be able to plan a road trip with it as well.

I’m totally fascinated by the vast abyss we know so little about . And crisscrossing those mountains and valleys are little bundles of wire. Crazy.

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I have a feeling that this is what old-timey Neal Stephenson would have used.

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