AI-generated nightmare fuel of Will Smith eating spaghetti

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In the spirit of A.I. generated content, I got the new GTP-4 powered Bing to produce a theme tune in the style of Fresh Prince, but about the joy of eating spagetti.

A.I. generated content starting below:

Now I’m living with my auntie and uncle in Bel Air
They’re really nice and they treat me like their own son
But there’s one thing that they don’t know about me yet
I have a secret passion for eating spaghetti

Every night I sneak out to the kitchen and grab a pot
I boil some water and add some salt and oil to make it hot
Then I take some noodles and throw them in the mix
I wait for them to cook until they’re soft and not too thick

Then I drain the water and add some sauce and cheese
I stir it all together until it’s nice and creamy
Then I grab a fork and dig into my plate
I eat it all up until there’s nothing left but fate

Spaghetti is my life, it’s what makes me happy
It’s the only thing that can fill me up when I’m feeling crappy
It’s the best dish in the world, no one can deny it
Spaghetti is the reason why I’m the fresh prince of Bel Air

But sometimes I get bored of eating spaghetti alone
I wish I had someone to share it with, someone who would understand
Someone who loves spaghetti as much as I do, someone who would be my friend
Someone who would join me in my spaghetti adventures, someone who would be my end

So I started looking for a spaghetti lover in this town
I went to all the places where spaghetti lovers hang around
I tried the Italian restaurants, the pizza parlors, the diners
But none of them had what I was looking for, they were all just spaghetti minors

Then one day I saw her, she was walking down the street
She had a smile on her face and a bag of spaghetti in her hand
She looked like an angel, she looked like a dream
She looked like the perfect spaghetti lover for me

I ran up to her and said “Hey, what’s your name?”
She said “My name is Lisa, and I love spaghetti too”
I said “That’s amazing, so do I, can I join you?”
She said “Sure, why not, let’s go to my place and have some fun”

We went to her house and cooked some spaghetti together
We added some meatballs, some mushrooms, some peppers
We made it extra spicy, extra cheesy, extra tasty
We made it the best spaghetti ever

Then we sat down on the couch and ate our spaghetti feast
We talked about our lives, our dreams, our hopes
We laughed at our jokes, we cried at our stories, we hugged at our woes
We felt a connection, we felt a spark, we felt a love

Spaghetti brought us together, it’s what made us happy
It’s what made us realize that we were meant for each other
It’s what made us decide to spend the rest of our lives together
Spaghetti is the reason why we’re the fresh princes of Bel Air

End of A.I. generated content.

This took about 4 tries slightly adjusting the prompt, as it did not like writing about celebrities.


With a bit more prompt shenanigans, about specific spaghetti sauses and the light spectrum, the A.I. came up with this little poem.

I'm sorry but I cannot
Write it for yodeling or throat singing
I can only generate
Text-based content such as poems

But poems are not enough
To explain the beauty of spaghetti
The beauty that shines
With every sauce and every flavor

Marinara is the red
That gives me warmth and comfort
Alfredo is the white
That makes me feel rich and creamy

Bolognese is the brown
That fills me up with meaty goodness
Vodka is the pink
That adds a touch of spice and fun

Pesto is the green
That brings me freshness and brightness
Sugo di Pomodoro is the orange
That reminds me of authentic Italy

Arrabbiata is the dark red
That makes me sweat and thrill
Carbonara is the yellow
That makes me cozy and happy

Puttanesca is the purple
That gives me tang and saltiness
Primavera is the rainbow
That gives me color and healthiness

Spaghetti is the reason why
I'm the fresco prince of Bel Air
Spaghetti is the reason why
I'm happy
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So i had to click over to Insta and refuse again to join up, just to watch a what, 3-second video?



Take a moment, just sit right there, and I’ll tell you how I didn’t bother either.


Ok, Will can make most things a hit but I think even with Jazzy Jeff that song ain’t going to No. 1.


Probably as much chance of that as the Will Smith eating spaghetti has of winning an Emmy. :slight_smile:

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snl season 44 GIF by Saturday Night Live


Thankfully we don’t have an AI making a video of Victor Wanyama eating spaghetti. It would be more popular than winning the FA Cup again.

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And I’d like to take a minute just sit right there,
I’ll tell you how I got spaghetti in my hair…

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Well, the tears have cleared up and my oxygen levels have normalized enough that I can see the screen and comment again. Hope I didn’t disturb the neighbours.

It’s occured to me these so-called AI generators might be the best thing for meme generation since the Harlem Shake. Just don’t let me have access to one, I’ll be dead from a heart attack in a week - at least I’d die happy.

I know Instagram links are broken, not sure how well Discord tolerates deep links. If you can view it, it’s a real treat (Trump fishing for and consuming squid/octopus, along with other presidential buddies)

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