AI system turns hand-drawn sketches into website templates

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Yes, that’s what the world has been lacking. A system to generate even worse HTML/CSS than CMS’ generate.

Yes, this time when one standard rules them all for eternity, when the UI decisions of one single generation are so objectively good they will never change is always just around the corner. May your vanilla sky* be forever subverted.

As in “Blue Sky” but more beige…not the movie…


Needs more cowbell blockchain.


“Our team has begun exploring methods to bring testing time to zero,”
Hm. I think maybe he meant ‘development’ time. Pretty sure a whole lot of testing will be needed.


Uh, you’re reaally not getting this, are you?

when the UI decisions of one single generation are so objectively good they will never change

The whole point of this is to get a new UI up and running and testable with the minimum hassle as possible.

Sure, the underlying code will, especially at first, be horrible. But that’s not the point! The point is that

a) that will be optimised along the way; the generated code will become better (and here’s a stunner for you: GCC compiles C++ to assembly! It does the same thing! It auto-generates code from your higher level code! And what do you think bytecode is which comes from c#/java/kotlin?!??)

But more importantly

b) generating good/fast code is not the point! Sketching a UI you can then quickly graft over your logic is! Generating UI code now takes time, Which means trying a lot of UI’s is costly. Or even changing UI’s takes manhours. With this system it is a lot faster and cheaper so more can be tried so a better one can be found for the platform/user skills of the time. THAT ‘final’ UI can then be optimised … which is as it should be, a la Dijkstra.

But how will you prototype this rapid prototyping system? /s

The serious point is that interfaces are moving toward natural language so laying out blocks on a screen may only go so far.

Nevertheless this sounds very useful today.

Knowing what to expect when my clients think they don’t require the help of a designer anymore, I see great times ahead.

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