Artist creates digital paintings using only HTML and CSS


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If anyone wants to explain-like-I’m-five to me how this works, I’d appreciate it.


Yeah I just skimmed it and I don’t fucking know. I am going to have to dive in the CSS. It’s using tricks I don’t know… probably because this is the wrong tool to make such images.


CSS has tools do draw things like arcs and lines and whatnot. You can use it as a graphic design program.

IMHO, CSS has gone too far. It’s been morphing into the next javascript over the past few years. I’m pretty sure it is turing complete already.


so would this be like weaving?
or more like paint by numbers?


More like making art in Powerpoint using the shape and gradient tools.


Possibly weaving.

This is kind of like the gentleman who did drawings with Excel.


For what it’s worth, I compare this to writing out an ps or pcl file by hand, showing it to a printer, and having art come out. (Ps =postscript, pcl= hp’s native printer language.) it’s deep magic.


Comically not IE6 compliant.


I clicked view source and it just looks like an image. Am I missing something?


Get one of her ‘purecss-’ repos:

and inspect the index.html from there. Crazy.


Man, now I want a big canvas print of that to hang over the couch in my nonexistent trendy minimalist modern art loft apartment.


Please don’t talk like that, you’re scaring me.

Yours Sincerely,
A JavaScript Programmer


Art you glad we don’t use IE6 anymore?


If you go to and right click the image, select inspect. Then mouse over various

below and you can see all the elements, and there are SO MANY.

For fun, you can change the colors in the CSS to mess with the image.


Holy shit.


Get that black phosphorous printer going (stuff’s super stable in air) and print it out in UV-upconverting vacancies and let the trendy minimalist modern art loft apartment build itself around it. Maybe get rent free forever by offering the leasehold to a remnant at newscorp.
Wayprong’s ALD division, yeah! I just print the 2.1-13% canvas strokes, it matches everything.


I’ll just…

also quite like her new merch


Your like one of those comic book villain bio labs that keeps a copy of the worst diseases alive not for study but because it’s amusing.


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