Artist makes fantastic digital paintings using Excel


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Two guys in my group are being forced to design some stuff in Excel and Word. They are not happy about it (espeically since we can do everything they want in actual graphics programs with PDF forms.)


Very cool, Although I clicked through expecting to see something more like pointalism/ Pixel art with very tiny cells with background colors.


Something like this?

Tanta vive!


Exactly what I was expecting too!


Yeah i was expecting pixel art as well, though the guys paintings are really quite nice. Judging by his candor at the end i’d say he doesn’t sell a lot of his paintings. Which is a shame because i think they’re great.


“Impressive!” /vader

So I guess we can add “make actual art” to the laundry list of ‘Things Excel Can Do (but probably shouldn’t)’


Wouldn’t it be easier to learn watercolors?


I do hope that it goes viral and the guy starts selling some of his art- it’s very nice. (the shipping from tokyo to [undisclosed bunker in SW USA] would probably be a killer.)


I had to try it. It took a while to figure out where the line tool was. And it’s a complete pain in the ass. And it looks all pixel-y. But I was surprised that there were so many options within the drawing tools - gradients, transparency, glowing edges, shadows, reflections, 3D effects… Interesting


I would think it would be easier to learn Illustrator.


Likely but the Illustrator license is stupid expensive. There are open source free alternatives for vector based illustrations, and also free alternatives to photoshop that work pretty great.


Yeah, too bad no one told him about Inkscape or Gimp. Inkscape probably would be closer to what he’s doing in Excel though.

But it’s hard to argue with those results and if he’s enjoying himself :shrug:

Plus we probably wouldn’t even have heard of him of him if he wasn’t using Excel so there’s that.


I think he’s doing great work. if he’s made himself at home using Excel then more power to him :slight_smile:


Also, another way for goofing off at the office…


One dose not choose to paint in excel because it is easy, you choose to paint in excel because it is hard.


Okay, wow.


Ask not what Excel can do for you - ask what you can do for with Excel.

We should commit our nations resources to the goal, before this decade is out, to do something about those rounding errors.


Aha. I thought maybe it chooses you.


Somehow I don’t think that “There are no mistakes, only happy accidents,” is generally going to be successful in the Excel world…