Ai Weiwei claims UK is restricting his stay over his “criminal record”

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The UK is happy to let people in with criminal convictions.

The UK has a zero tolerance policy, however, towards people who can’t fill forms in accurately…


Since the UK introduced the policy of selling off London as a money laundering scam for dysfunctional power élites, it is happy to (a) let in people with criminal convictions in countries we don’t like like Russia or (b) not let in people disapproved of by countries whose rich are using London to launder money - like China and the Gulf states. I’m amazed they let in the Dalai Lama, but I suspect that there would have been too much public protest.
London is now the corrupt offshore tax haven and money laundering capital of the world, which is why house prices are so high. We have to tread a line between upsetting the US and China if this cosy state of affairs is to continue. Hence Ai Weiwei; let him in to keep the US happy, restrict his vist to prove to China that we listen to them.

[edit - I’m now told large ares of the North are also getting sold off in money laundering scams, and protected birds are being shot by their new Arab owners, who seem to be funding useful idiots to try to tie up the Royal Society for Protection of Birds in legal knots. To quote the CEO of the RSPB:
“As you may be aware, the RSPB has recently come under attack from a group that is clearly backed by shooting and related interests. The Mail on Sunday this week has run a story full of misleading claims about the RSPB and our work.” (The front man for this was Ian Botham, I am sad to say.)"]


Tough on Art; tough on the causes of Art!


Remember, a key part to forms in the UK is designing them to be as obtuse, unclear, and inaccurate as possible. (It weeds out the riffraff.)


Well, the worthwhile people can hire an expert to fill the forms out for them.


What a sad, depressing, but as far as I can tell, accurate summation of the current state of the UK.

My friends across the water are quite depressed.

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Is this the same UK where basically all the Russian oligarchs who aren’t on Putin’s friend list hang out? The same one with an entire segment of the real estate market dedicated to obscure holding companies buying things on behalf of persons unknown with cash of dubious provenance?


More than my job’s worth mate.

Yes, see above.
Boris Johnson loves it because the rising house prices make London look successful. The problem now is that ordinary people can’t afford to live and work there. No problem. Arab buyers are getting planning permission for “staff flats” to keep their slaves staff in. No problem with things like rubbish collection because whole streets are now more or less “investments” that are only occupied for a few weeks a year.

The rest of the UK just watches in growing disbelief. We need a Singapore solution.



There Is No Alternative!

That’s new to me. The UK: constantly thumping their whiny chest toward the EU, while at the same being a servile lickspittle to the US and now China too.

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get it right the uk government see below

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