Air Force tried harder, now says that giant database can be recovered


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Someone didn’t get their bonus.


There were a lot of career limiting moves there.


I can believe that corruption was an obstacle to retrieving the data. It wasn’t corruption of the database, though.


:laughing: More likely someone heard the announcement and went “What? Really? Oh god, you hacks.”

I have three questions in any case:

  1. Why did Lockheed wait two weeks to notify the Air Force?
  2. How did the Air Force not notice that the database was down for two weeks?
  3. Why did no one ever check to make sure the backups could actually be restored?


One of two things probably happened here:

  1. The initial “everything’s permanently lost” announcement was a test balloon going up to see if enough people really cared enough.
  2. The IT staff, who were told to STOP retrieval efforts, indignantly told enough outside people that they were on the verge of success, that the Air Force was forced to walk back their patriotic failure and reluctantly announce victory.


A critical step too often missed. My guess is the contract SLA with Lockheed called for annual (if it was mentioned at all) DR tests of their backups.


Someone didn’t get their bonus.

@bolamig But that’s not how it works. The bonus is a given. Gotta retain that top-quality management talent. Someone merely nearly lost his bonus. But then s/he’d have resigned, so they couldn’t let that happen…


Yeah, I’m thinking there was something in there that Lockheed didn’t want found so the database was lost!

Late stage capitalism


I’ve been “aggressively leveraged”. It was several days before I could uncross my legs.


I would have gone with this image:

“Is it plugged in? - Oh, that’s it. Thanks!”


Look, I think we should just stop blaming everyone and all the finger pointing and realize the national security implications of this. If we do not get this database of giants back online we will not be able to keep track of any possible Giant attacks, or where the giants even are. Oh sure, some giants are big and friendly, but most of them are decidedly not and need to be killed by gum-chewing wiseasses named Jack. Thank god this was only the humanoid giants, imagine if we lost our ability to react proactively against such menaces as KING MthaFcking KONG! I wouldn’t want to live in world where King Kong was attacking New York and Donald Trump was president is all I’m saying.


“Try Harder” always brings a smile to my face.


The Air Force added their next technical obstacle is to make their Dot Matrix printer functional again, so they can print out all of the pages requested and fulfill their FOIA obligations to the letter. They estimated this would occur in 2025.


There’s a saboteur at Lockheed.


I feel like Alfred Hitchcock should be lurking about.


strings is awesome!!!


Maybe someone was trying to pull a Scotty.


“We told them to delete it, then changed our minds because apparently it’s against the rules to delete important information about who breaks the rules.”


I think it’s FOI-ese for, “We were lying before when we said we didn’t have those records you requested.”