Company suspected of blame in Office of Personnel Management breach will help run new clearance agency

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I suppose you could say they were one of the more experienced candidates.


“Fool me once, shame on — shame on you.
Fool me — you can’t get fooled again”


That system wasn’t about security clearances, or at least not only about them. It was full of payroll data too, including ordinary chumps like me.


Exactly. They’ve proven they can work with the government.


Failure yields success. Awesome!

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I have never applied for a security clearance, and I also got a letter from the OPM saying that they lost my personal data. I can only think that it must be from some kind of background check one of my employers sent them or something.

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Damn it @doctorow. I am perfectly willing to accept that the arrangement with Keypoint might be a mistake, but your headline / article makes it sound like a external company is somehow capable of being “to blame” for the OPM breach. There is / was so much wrong with the way OPM handled data, blaming one contractor makes you sound like a government shill.

Think about the fact that 2 factor auth with CAC and PIV was being mandated across the government, and contractors coming in to secure DoD and other government networks had to fill out SF86 forms, yet access to those forms didn’t require the same standards for authentication that the applicants were applying for. That’s just one piece of what went wrong.

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possible that a friend/acquaintance provided your info as a reference.

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They have lower-level (“Suitability” or “Fitness”) checks for all federal employees as a condition of employment. It’s buried in the other job-getting paperwork, so it’s easy to forget about. They lost mine and I had to redo it ages later, so it was right in my face. It had been so long since I’d moved or changed jobs, I had a lot of trouble getting all the info they wanted for it.

Well, this is certainly reassuring. What could go wrong?

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