Experts think Equifax was hacked by Russia or China to recruit spies

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I can be compromised by bribes and high-paying jobs! Pick me!


That time I was shortlisted to become the chief webmaster of a particular branch of the U.S. military. But as part of getting my Top Secret clearance, they ran my credit and found an unpaid medical bill from 5 years prior amounting to something like $59. The civil servant I was liaising with called me up and said I was dis-qualified and hung up.

Many years later, a lying con-man with multiple million dollar bankruptcies on his record, and obvious ties to Russian leadership, was elected into a public office in which he has access to all kinds of top secret national data and nuclear launch codes.

There’s a loophole there somewhere.


I can’t help but think I wouldn’t have done well with that job. I’m a smart ass with pacifist leanings (which might’ve come out in the security clearance process anyways), and the job would’ve involved my routine exposure to very serious military brass types.


But in your time there, you would have been a positive influence on the “let’s blow shit up” crowd!


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