After massive breach Equifax gets $7.25m no-bid IRS contract to "prevent fraud"


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I would give you 100 likes if I could. The absurdity of it all. Everyday a new calamity that if not so serious would be Onion material and great popcorn fodder. Late stage capitalism.


Why do I bother to read the news each day. I could just drop acid and read Kafka for the same results.



A protection racket is a form of extortion whereby racketeers offer to “protect” property from damage in exchange for a fee, while also being responsible, in part or in whole, for the property damage.



Data Protection.

“Americans place their faith in federal agencies—the IRS most certainly included—to safeguard vast amounts of their highly sensitive personal information,” Ratcliffe said. “As the lead civilian cybersecurity agency, DHS should play an important role in ensuring federal agencies engage in responsible cybersecurity behavior, so we can maintain the confidence of the American people.”

“Ratcliffe’s spokesperson told NextGov on Thursday that the congressman wasn’t ready to say Equifax should be banned throughout the federal government, only that DHS should issue “binding operational directives” forcing federal agencies to improve their cybersecurity. Presumably, that would include not using services with a track record of negligently handling customers’ data. It could mean forcing the IRS to reconsider Equifax’s contract.

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