IRS changes its mind about giving Equifax $7.5m to fight fraud (for now)


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Well, they got it half right. Equifax certainly has the data.


Wasn’t there once a time when our government shunned privatization and gathered brains and manpower to create things with Roman Empire War Machine-style efficiency? Or was that just in the movies?


Yes, but hiring good people costs money. Tax money. You know, the kind that needs to be cut?

Instead, outsourcing only costs a little bit more money, and leads to valuable campaign contributions. Why, it practically pays for itself!


"The agency does not believe that any data the IRS has shared with Equifax to date has been compromised, but the suspension was taken as “a precautionary step.” "

Save “belief” for church. Facts are the only things that matter. I’d not believe Equifax could keep a box of donuts secure at present.


Since “prevent fraud” probably means rifling through working and middle class Americans’ personal financial records to make up for the Republicans’ billionaire tax cuts, why does the IRS need to pay Equifax at all? Just buy the data for cheap from the hackers who already stole it.


Equifax certainly has the data.

The good news is they aren’t the only ones with the data anymore …



Well, it’s only 0s and 1s anyway, so what’s the worst that can happen…


If someone had robbed a bank by blowing a hole in the side of the bank and walking off with the cash, I’d probably still bank there if they were the only bank in town and they showed a willingness to learn from the incident. I wouldn’t be happy about it but I’d do it.

I would, however, consider waiting until they had plastered over the hole.

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