Equifax: we missed 2.5 million people when we counted the size of our breach

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Come on, now, we can’t take a credit scoring company to task for a tiny error like this. It’s not like their maths and stats skills have any real impact on American citizens.


The error is a very small percentage. A small percentage of a HUGE FUCKING NUMBER but still a small percentage.

I’d say a 1.4% (or so) error rate matters, when speaking of actual damage done.

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Turns out even more people are gonna be equi-fuxed!

No good deed goes unrewarded:

IRS awards multimillion-dollar fraud-prevention contract to Equifax

The hits, they keep on comin’.


True. 2.5 million is a lot of people. And also, in the event that Equifax actually gets taken to task for the damage caused, I want every victim counted.

However, from the point of view of each individual person in the population, this news doesn’t materially affect how I should feel about and react to the situation. Human emotions are scope-insensitive, and (at least for me) outrage maxes out long before number of victims hits triple digits, let alone nine figures. Plus, I already just assumed my data was compromised. It’s not like my behavior will change now that I’m 1.4% more sure.

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