Equifax will make hundreds of millions in extra profits from its apocalyptic breach (forever)

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The more I learn about this breach, I am starting to think it may have been intentional.


Sarsparilla? Ewwwwwww

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I think they profit even more from having you feel safe and comfortable while they pick your pocket. This is more an example of the point Cory has been making for ages - that “big data” is guaranteed to leak at some point, and the more they gather and collate, the more damage there will be.

Clearly, the day has already passed when they need a better way to prove your identity. At one time, your SSN was all it took. It’s hard to believe my first license to drive, in Virginia, used my SSN as my license number. Then, the personal questions were the super-secure proof, but they’re out now too.

Maybe we’ll all have to go back to face-to-face branch banking. Imagine how many jobs will be created!


When I signed up for the free Equifax credit monitoring, it didn’t require providing payment details. How can Equifax automatically charge me after a year if I didn’t sign up and give them a credit card to bill?

I wouldn’t sign up for their credit monitoring. Place a credit freeze with them for free. You will also need to do this with Experian and Transunion. You can also receive thre free credit reports, not just your credit score, but full credit reports every year for fee. So if you request a free credit report form each of the three credit behemoths, once every 3-4 months, you can essentially monitor your credit for free. I wish I had the link to the website for this, but I’m at work. One more caveat… I have heard that security PIN Experian issues you to remove the dredit feeze has a backdoor that hackers can access. Sigh… time to bury all my monetary assets in my back yard.

But they will still profit from having our financial history, breach or not… none of that has been impacted. But they’re now making profit hand over fist directly from their own security breach and they just received a no bid multi-million dollar contract for security fraud prevention. I stand by my orignal post… as god is my witness!!! Come hell or high water!!! Until death do us part?

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Well I hate to do it, but I’m going to have to assert my Internet Infallibility on this one.

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I see… (while stroking my evil cat).

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That way madness lies. You start seeing “false flag” operations everywhere, begin to think that even the Las Vegas shooting was staged, and eventually turn into Alex Jones. I don’t recommend that route… :slight_smile:


You don’t have to be Alex Jones to suspect money grubbing, throat slitting capitalists would go so far as to reap further profits from captive customers. Look, the CEO just walked away with a $90 mil golden parachute, even after such a devastating breach. They rewarded him for this. late stage capitalism my friend. It has nothing to do with insane persons with high powered weapons killing people.


Fisted by The Invisible HandTM. Again.


This is somewhere between a double reverse negative sales technique and a protection racket.

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While you’re busy getting fisted, why don’t you smell the glove, too!!

What glove? There is no glove. Or lube.

Can somebody points me to an explanation of the US credit rating system? I have real trouble figuring out the particulars of it. In the case of Equifax, for example, I don’t understand how the leak means that someone could impersonate you to take a credit in your name and what the consequences of that would be.

Sure there’s a glove. Can’t you feel the spikes?