Data of 2.4 million more Equifax customers leaked


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Equifax provides credit information? Are we sure about that, I was almost positive their business model was collecting financial information on all Americans and then losing it to hackers because they can’t be bothered to run basic updates on their servers to plug exploits that were known about six months prior and had a patch three months prior to the hack that they couldn’t be bothered with hitting the “accept” button on. We should all feel really bad for them and hope the government can maybe throw some money their way to help them boost their online security, because they’re the real victims here. Think about what this is doing to the children CEO’s


Data of 2.4 million more Equifax customers leaked



Just what I was going to say.


At this point I find it astounding that none of Equifax’s C-levels aren’t being listed on America’s most wanted.


Perhaps those hacker leaks should be checked for unusually high credit scores for some politicians and law enforcement?


Oh, I do so like the potential implications of that!


If by “customers,” they mean banks and other lenders, well… Hey, I’d pay $$ to see Wells Fargo’s driver’s license!

Corporations are people, my friend!


Wells Fargo is licensed to drive a fleet of vehicles. It leases them from some other corporate individual.

Corporate cell Bob says, “Just make sure you bring it/them back with a full tank.”


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