It's been a year since Equifax doxed America and nothing's changed

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Meanwhile I am literally forced to use their service.

The company that holds my mortgage uses Equifax, I have to reapply because the deed needs to change to reflect my change in marital status, Equifax gets a piece of my money.   I have literally no other option available (well, suicide I guess, but then my heirs would have to pay Equifax for the same reason).

Essentially they are above the law, just like a major telco. If a law is a problem for Equifax they’ll just buy new ones.


Until it costs them many times more to pay for the fallout when things break than it costs to keep things secure and patches up to date it won’t change.


that company should have been broken up, the stock holders lost all their money. Then it would not happen again


Just the other day I saw a commercial for Equifax and from what I gather they are creating online security accounts for children. So, parents can create these accounts and give Equifax all of their children’s personal and confidential data for… what? The insanity continues.


If they just paid Grassley sooner, he wouldn’t have had to say all those mean things.


When people bitched about Obamacare, if it wasn’t about “gubmint taking over my medicare”, it was about the government forcing you to do business with a company. But you’re right, to be a citizen in this country, you’re forced to do business with these 3 unaccountable credit agencies, from trying to get a home or car loan, to getting a job, to even getting a goddamn cell phone plan.


It’s because nobody rich died

Well, that’s certainly what I bitched about! I wanted single payer, not a giant bonanza for rapacious, anti-democracy insurance corporations.

It annoys me that the state makes me buy insurance for my car on the private market, too. The rich people (for example, insurance company CEOs) just put up a bond and get paid interest on it.

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