Equifax was always dirty, it bills the US government for millions, and was repeatedly hacked


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Custodial prison time for C-suite execs

Liquidate the company

Malfeasance at this scale cannot be punished by just another fine, even if the amount seems jaw-dropping.

If the only consequence is a fine, then the fine becomes simply another business expense, something to be passed along to consumers or (likely) tax payers.


Wow, that’s a whole lot of somebody said something. It’s that hard to find real sources?


How are they still in business? If I went around saying Joe Schmoe doesn’t pay his debts, and refused to correct that even after being informed it was false, I’d be sued for defamation. Are they just really careful never to be wrong about anyone rich or powerful?


But Private Sector! \o/

Marketball! \o/


Federally recognized oligopoly.


Have you ever seen the reset password method at Equifax? There is no ephemeral link sent by email, no 2FA, nothing. Just go in and type your personal info — the same data that is now on the hands of hackers – and enter a new password.

These guys are beyond terrible…



Well I would try to read the linked articles to find out but since the first one immediately started playing a video at me - no thanks.

I wouldn’t be surprised if it is hard to find a quotable source given that the US justice system will apparently quite happily allow the use of non-disclosure agreements and breach of confidence claims to suppress alleged evidence of wrongdoing.

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