Major Homeland Security contractor hacked, federal employee data likely stolen


Aren’t these the very same people who got in trouble last year over fake background checks? Why yes - yes, I believe they are.


Step 1: Let’s build this super secure warehouse of data to hold shit.
Step 2: Oh, I guess we don’t need to do all the recommendations for security, we’ll form a steering committee for that…
Step 3: What?? A data breach?

Keeping data really safe is hard, as good as you think or know your security people to be, if someone has enough resources or deviousness, they will find a way in.

yeah, BFD.

Just let me finish incorporating Recursive Security Solutions, LLC… I see an exciting opportunity for strong growth in background checking background checkers!

Ah yes, this is the US Govt definition of “Security” at work again.

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So, how would others interpret the words “believe that it did not affect people outside of DHS”?

That leads me to believe that they “DON’T ACTUALLY KNOW it to be true yet”.

As far as I know, USIS does the background checks for multiple agencies (including the one that I retired from late last year), as well as commercial companies, doesn’t it?


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