Airbnb fights NY AG subpoena for user data


As someone who generally favors privacy protections, part of me is cheering on Airbnb’s efforts to protect its users’ information.

But as someone who lives in a cooperative where hosting via airbnb is a clear violation of the rules that everyone agree to when they buy an apartment here, and where a few unscrupulous neighbors refuse to take down their airbnb listings and have turned parts of our home into a part-time hotel and party rental space, another part of me really wants the AG to kick some butt.

In other words, NIMBY!

I will be even happier to use Airbnb from now on than I have been before.

The AG is going about it all wrong. Call the NSA and intimate that perhaps a terrorist has used Airbnb. A few days later a secret request arrives and Hey Presto there’s your data.

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