Airbnb host leaves savage review for MAGA guest who was a Capitol attacker

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I would hope two things:
A) Melissa is in jail, based in part on the evidence from this guys snoopy doorbell (Airbnb hosts may actually have a legit need for these…)
B) Airbnb has a policy that people who used a rental as a base of operations for a federal crime don’t get to leave a review or rating AT ALL!


There are so many intersecting grossnesses at work that it’s hard for me to care much, though obviously the attack on civilisation is quite a bit worse than skeevy internet business. As long as Melissa is strictly reviewing jail cells from now on, that’s all that really matters.


Corporate CYA in progress, of course.

However, the reason he was aggravated about them letting Melissa remove her review is that it also removes HIS review in response. So nobody would be warned (if they were surfing her reviews).


Yeah he should have been contacting the FBI’s tip line instead of AirBnB. He was in possession of her recorded confession.

Edit: according to the article, he did just that.


AirBnB has supposedly suspended the renter’s account, so no one is seeing her reviews anyway.


if you find out you’ve been hosting a terrorist, what would you do? call a fucking corporation?

The corporations will not protect you. They only protect themselves. Please don’t make the same stupid mistake this airbnb host did. You might do business with these corporations but they give no fucks about you.


I’ve never had a single satisfactory interaction with AirBnB support. Any issues I’ve had have either been worked out directly with the hosts, or written off as the cost of doing business in the gig marketplace. But AirBnB always gets their cut, even in a “full” refund situation, as payment for providing “support.”


Well, I’m in Sen. Collins’ territory, so I believe my response would be to issue a sternly worded review expressing my disappointment. /s

Same here. Trying to cancel a reservation in Montreal early last year, just when everything was getting serious with the virus, but we had a chance to lock it down, they were completely unresponsive for days, past the point of being able to cancel with the host for a percentage refund. Then Canada blocked travel from the US and they sent a friendly email saying of course we could cancel at no cost.

I’m sticking to camping as much as possible in the future.


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