Airborne police surveillance is a PVR for every car-journey in a city




Here’s hoping this madness doesn’t come to pass.


I think someone should make a silk screen on some type of very light open weave cloth of the giant pyramid eye…make it a 3-D frame.

And do it so it could cover a Camera Quad Copter.



I’m actually quite surprised that there isn’t yet a legal requirement to have barcodes on the roofs of cars, so that an aircraft can scan the plate number. That might actually be better for civilians than this system, which combines the loss of privacy with the risk of incompetence; I wind up on the same road with another blue Subaru that’s suspected of something, some aerial observer (human or computer) gets the tracks crossed, and SWAT descends on me.


Or they read the barcode wrong, or your car’s roof is dirty, and you get nuked from orbit anyway.


It’s the only way to be sure.


Please don’t offer to make surveillance more prevalent.

Edit: pleas is a real word, just not the right one.


I’ve got nothing to hide.


But you have everything to lose.


Gosh… this would make it a LOT easier for cops to find dogs to shoot, too!



Might be good for artists… I will be seeking somebody who can do a nice trompe-l’oeil of pavement on the top half of my car.


Don’t encourage them, for goodness; sake!


What did you mean by PVR?


I foresee an increase in criminal activity on cloudy days.


Most likely this:


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