Airlines and U.S. officials consider screening air travelers for Ebola




White people are suddenly at risk! Quick, let’s do something about this!





Apparently this means we will now be screening travelers who traveled within 2,000 miles of the outbreak in Africa.


Rejoice my fellow Boingboingers!

Ebola has arrived to Europe too!!!



I’m calling it now, mission creep to medical screening across the system, disease theatre, here we come!

Stool sample container salespeople are smiling today.



Aside from the fact that they already do screen for Ebola, I expect it to work the same way that screening for weapons world: billions of dollars spent on screening technology that ultimately doesn’t work but allows travel to a crawl.


On second thought, since white people are at risk, let´s not.


Germany’s had two Ebola patients already, both African nationals (Senegalese and Ugandan doctors working with NGOs). The first patient was released from hospital in Hamburg a few days ago.


I’m not sure what’s worse:

That you’re infinitely more likely to die from a preventable cause like heart disease or a car accident than Ebola or a terrorist, and yet that’s where all the panic is directed…

Or that an embarrassing number of politicians are working as hard as they can to keep the working poor uninsured or under-insured so that when the next deadly communicable disease does ravage the country it will kill as many people as possible.

Will government ever get its priorities straight?


One of my pastimes is looking at a current event and trying to figure out what dystopian sci-fi story it foreshadows.

Here I’m thinking Code 46.


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