West African leaders attending summit with Obama in US first screened for Ebola


It is pretty insulting. I’m sure Obama won’t mind acquiescing to quarantine on his next foreign visit, just in case he has AIDS / Dengue, we can’t be too careful here.

Are they checking the President as well? I mean, he is from Kenya, right?


I am OK with this. He’s the leader of the largest economy in the world. Ebola can easily be carried without obvious symptoms. Ebola is killing hundreds in the countries where these leaders are visiting from.


Probably more about their entourages than the leaders themselves. It’s not entirely unimaginable that some sleeper agent staffer might intentionally contract it right before the trip and then cough in Obama’s face, or cough in his own boss’ face hoping for a wet handshake to take place later on. It does sound more like a spy movie plot than real life, but people have done stranger things.

You may not know this but you and I live in a world where the Presidents feces are collected and treated as classified material. The health of the President is a matter of national security. The White House is self-contained. When not at the White House the President poops in a Presidential port-o-let and the feces are collected and disposed of in a secure manner.

If Mr. Obama had AIDS the foreign leaders would have little to fear unless the summit involved shooting heroin or butt seks*. If Mr Obama had dengue… well I refer you to the feces thing… someone would know.

On the other hand, leaders of a foreign power from a region undergoing an outbreak of a deadly, infectious disease for which there is no cure. Yea we might want to let common sense override decorum.

* disclaimer: I am not an authority on protocol.

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I’m pretty sure he won’t be exposed to their feces, blood, or vomit, though.

Even IF they’re sick,

which they are are not.

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‘region’… what an ageographical view you have. Maybe this will help:


…but Fox News told me exchanging gifts of excrement is how African dignitaries greet each other!

But seriously if medical aid workers, presumably taking all the proper precautions, are able to contract ebola I don’t think you have to be swimming in poo to be at risk of getting it.

Classy? No.

Potentially sensible? Yes.

Definitely sensible? No.

Well, what you think is not accurate. i suggest you not work with Ebola paitents as you would be worried about the wrong things.

From what I understand the primary vector in transmission to healthcare workers has been through removal of contaminated protective gear, after basically. yes, swimming in feces, blood, and vomit for a dozen hours at a stretch, and not doing the gear removal perfectly enough.

12 hours. You ever worn level A containment? I have. Wearing it all day… that’s exhausting on top of the mental toll.

I hear your concern. It’s not supported by the facts.


Thats a neat graphic. I certainly learned something today.

The relevance though, Im not sure. At this point the outbreak is ‘multinational’ and the scope is unknown. “West Africa” seems to be a good criteria for screening. Better safe than sorry, no?

You ever worn level A containment? I have.

Nope. Sounds interesting… what were you doing?

These would be medical aid workers treating Ebola victims who are haemorraghing from every orifice, yes?

Is there an authority on the protocol for presidential butt seks? Now, that’s a person I’d like to see interviewed.

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