Airport provides slide to help passengers make their flight on time

The vertical video does not help.

The lack of back bars makes it worse.


I’ll be transiting overnight at Changi in a couple of months and I’ll definitely check this out after taking the free bus tour of Singapore and before I go and lounge by the pool at my airside hotel.

Changi now has a rail system to link the terminals.

Why don’t they just built a giant slide to each major hub destination and get rid of 90% of their flights? Let’s get Elon Musk working on that.

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Not with that attitude.

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Yeah, that really made me feel ill. Although it could have been the carpet TBF.

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Yet another reason to avoid airports. I’ll bet those slides aren’t sanitary. Where are our teleport booths? Can’t we just stay home and interact distantly with VR? Really, one place is pretty much like any other place, so why bother?

I was wondering about that. So it doesn’t it take you to your gate then. I’d rather walk.

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