What it's like to take a vacation in Singapore's Changi Airport

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Cool post, but that photo is not at Singapore Airport - it’s at the Cloud Forest in Marina Bay. Right city; wrong indoor waterfall.*

*how often can you say that?


Fully sponsored “attractions” surrounded by retail opportunities – dystopia

My enduring memory of Singapore Aiport is having an 8 hour stopover there, breaking up a trip between San Francisco and Sydney. I stopped in at the free movie theatre to watch a Steve Martin movie and fell asleep. I woke up and Steve Martin was still on the screen but I was really having trouble understanding what plot twists I had missed that had got us to this point before finally coming to the panicky realization that I had been asleep long enough that this was a different Steve Martin movie.

Fortunately, on an 8 hour stopover you can sleep through a movie or even several movies and still not miss your flight.


there’s a fine line between fantasy and dystopia.

Agreed. This sounds terrible.

…never-ending summers.

Umm… I would like to rescind my previous statements.

I’ve been through SIN … /checks diary … four times this year, and several more last year.

I hate it. I will grant that it’s better than FRA or PVG, but those are both pretty low bars.

The butterfly garden et al are cute, but as an airport - you know, moving folks on and off aircraft - it sucks. Having seperate security at each gate is particularly egregious. At least the train thingy is running now - jogging between E12 and A14 during a 30 minute layover made the next long haul flight especially sweaty and unpleasant. Also, I was happy to see they’d gotten rid of the especially intrusive public WiFi login process last time I was there.


Side note: If anyone hates the paywall issue from constant NYT posts on BB, just put the title of the article in your search bar, and you’ll find several aggregates that have posted it for free.


You beat me to it! 100% Gardens by the Bay…


Obligatory plug: the Los Angeles Public Library, among its many other electronic resources, provides one-day passes for the New York Times.


the line to dystopia was well and truly crossed when they built the airport on the site of the world’s most infamous prisoner of war camp and kept the same name.

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