Man arrested after using fake boarding passes to live in Singapore airport lounge for 3 weeks

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Aside from everything about it, it was the perfect plan. He’s like the guy from Catch Me If You Can, if the guy from Catch Me If You Can was impersonating a moron.


Changi Int’l Airport IS a pretty nice place to hang out for a little while.


How did he get caught? this sounds foolproof; airports are basically cattle drives and who can tell one heifer from another?


When the cleaners see the same guy at 4am, every day for three weeks, they get curious maybe?


So a guy forges papers to stay someplace for free and the answer is to jail him and let him stay someplace for free?

I don’t understand things anymore.


I hate to think what the penalty for this is in Singapore.


The crime sounds like its own punishment.


When making fake boarding passes, may as well mark them First Class :smiling_imp:

Singapore’s Changi airport has some very nice lounges. As I recall, the SilverKris lounge has showers, real food, and a complimentary self-service bar. You can ask for a pillow and blanket if you have a long layover.

He just did it wrong. Compare to the man who used a single refundable ticket to dine in the first class lounge at Xi’an International Airport for a year, then collected a full refund on the purchase price. OTOH, the guy who tried the “refundable ticket” trick on Lufthansa (twice!) ultimately lost in court.


Does it still have the swimming pool on the roof?

From the article:

Bloomberg offers the detail that the airline's Munich facility "offers Bavaria’s Loewenbraeu beer on tap, together with local delicacies including leberkas meatloaf and sausages with sweet mustard."

Bloomberg seems to believe those are desirable things. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Not falling for that one again.


The Dnata Lounge reported him when visited it for the fifth time in two weeks.

I’m pretty sure this is just a cheap remake of The Terminal. Did his boarding pass say he was Tom Hanks?

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Leberkäse and sausage are desirable enough, but I didn’t think anyone in Germany actually drank Löwenbräu.

(Apparently it’s a Munich thing, and the stuff we got here in N. America for a few decades was a different. Americanized (read: pissified) recipe.)

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