Tardy gentleman jumps off boarding bridge and chases after moving plane


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Well I certainly admire his optimism, ha!


Shot on potato? Looks like it was shot on a potato. #TYFS


The man is clearly insane.
Running towards Ryanair?


he payed good money for the checked-in luggage. that fool.


How exactly was he hoping to get on board if they did open the door for him? He doesn’t even have a vaulting pole with him.


Want to get sprayed as a fine bloody mist over the tarmac? Just follow the example of this gentleman and get sucked in by a turbine.


Evidently, they actually DID let him board. No idea how–threw down a rope?

From CNN

A Ryanair passenger, pictured in blue t-shirt, jumps off the boarding
bridge before running across tarmac.Still
lugging two bags, he appears to try to stop a baggage carrier vehicle,
but gives up and then sprints toward the waiting plane where he is
finally stopped by ground crew.

But perhaps most remarkable of all, the man then boarded his plane, which was bound for Spain’s Canary Islands. The passenger, whose nationality is not yet known, was detained upon
landing in Gran Canaria, a spokesperson from the Spanish Civil Guard
told CNN. He will be tried in Gran Canaria, although he’s no longer being held.


I love how this comes after a string of stories about Muslims being detained totally arbitrarily on planes/airports. Can you IMAGINE if one of them attempted this kind of shenanigans? The odds that they’d be allowed on the plane and (seemingly) just get a legal slap on the wrist are probably nil.


Wow. Look at all that sky, and tarmac. Wait…there’s some sort of action in a narrow strip at the middle of the screen.


But did he got on?


He hauled himself up. It was a mail plane*.

*(Thanks to Martin Short and the Three Amigos)


Ah, didn’t notice its little balls!







Ryan Air is now proud to offer even greater savings with “Wheel-Well Class”. Passengers are encouraged to bring their own oxygen.


And a sweater or two.


It’s OK, he’s a limo driver.


Nobody questions how he got onto the closed bridge because that’s the least of his crazy.