Alabama refuses to comply with a Federal court order demanding equal representation for Black people



I like your plan.


That memorial better be on one of those car show turntables because that same shit is going on in Wisconsin and Idaho.


Let’s not forget the anti-busing movement in the 70s and 80s… This photo is from Boston…


And more recently…


Wisconsin is also very racist…

1. Wisconsin
> Poverty rate: 31.3% Black, 9.0% white
> Homeownership rate: 25.5% Black, 71.1% white
> Unemployment rate: 10.0% Black, 3.0% white
> Median household income: $31,351 Black, $64,377 white

Wisconsin ranks as the worst state in the country for Black Americans. Due in part to housing discrimination in cities like Madison and Milwaukee, Wisconsin is a highly segregated state, with over 50% of the Black population residing in majority Black neighborhoods. Segregation often fuels racial disparities, and many Black communities in Wisconsin are suffering. Black unemployment in the state stands at 10%, more than triple the 3.0% white jobless rate. Additionally, the typical Black household in the state earns just $31,351 a year, less than half the median income of $64,377 among white households in the state.

Inequalities are not just economic, but also social – particularly with regard to law enforcement and the justice system. Black Wisconsin residents are over 12 times more likely than white residents to be incarcerated in a state of federal correctional facility. Black residents make up over 42% of the state’s prison population and only 6.3% of the overall population.


Why, it’s almost like racism is a national problem that doesn’t stop at the Mason-Dixon line! But that can’t be right? /s


But John Roberts had assured me that Racism Is Over so there’s no further need for the Voting Rights Act!


The representatives did. That’s what gerrymandering is. That’s what this is all about, politicians choosing their voters instead of democracy operating like it should.


Not ALL southerners, that’s who… And there has been a real effort to ensure minority rule down here too. Some of us are doing our level best to save the whole country, despite the ongoing efforts by some to paint us all as backwood, racist hicks.

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Just look at all the BS that the far right is pulling here in GA when their guy is being called to account for his crimes. They are trying to get the woman doing that work removed from her office.




I live in Kenosha, Wisconsin. In the Summer of 2020 I was working as a Census Field Supervisor for the 2020 national census. I would check in with my census takers daily, watching for any issues, hearing stories and bad encounters, that kind of thing. One day I got the biggest test of keeping my cool when dealing with someone reporting to me that I’ve ever had.

The night before a friend had sent me a link to footage of Kenosha cops grabbing people out of a van after blocking them in at a corner gas station. I recognized the location immediately and years later, I still get uneasy as I drive past there. My friend and I were horrified, as we saw the logo on the van that was for a group that brings food to those protesting, especially for anti-racist marches like the ones we were having at the time. (This was after the fires, but before K. Rittenhouse came up and murdered people.)

So imagine my shock the next day when one of my enumerators very proudly related the story to me about how she called in a report of a van meeting that description to the police. I had a few seconds of being stunned and very calmly suggested that this wasn’t really an appropriate topic to be discussing with me. I really wanted to rip her a new one. I was livid. I had to work with her for another six weeks, minimum, and knew that yelling at this fucking Karen of a human would only result in me having problems and would ultimately only convince her that she’d done the right thing, anyway.

I moved to Midwest (Chicago, then SE Wisconsin) after growing up in North Carolina. There’s racism everywhere and there are people that assume just because you’re also white that you must also agree with them and their bigoted views. I think the only real difference is the people in some regions are better at hiding it than others. In the end, that doesn’t really a difference at all.


I’m not sure whether your question was rhetorical or not. Either way, @OhHai and @Mindysan33 answered more clearly than I could.

I’d like to add though that what you’re seeing play out at a national level with 45’s attempts to steal an election is a nice reflection of what would happen if we allow ourselves to believe that the good folks of Alabama have the government they elected, rather than understanding that they’re suffering under a system where the bad guys have been shutting out representation for a very long time. They’re experiencing all of our futures if we don’t take the suppression seriously. So from my viewpoint, they’re not in a shithole. They’re in the midst of a fight for all of us.


I’ve lived in WI my entire life and unfortunately have some extended family and had to work with many people like this. They always seem to start with something mildly bigoted and if there’s no pushback they go full racist. I learned from experience the importance of not tolerating bigots. It sucks being in situations where calling them out has consequences :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


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And this is why we need good historical education, and why the far right is so opposed to just that. Knowing the past, and how it shaped the present, is a formidable weapon against these kinds of attitudes that blames the oppressed for their own oppression. If you understand that there are systems of power that are out of many of our hands, and that to make things better, we have to work together, then you’re far less likely to make light of shit like this.

It’s also a good reminder that as @Surprise_Puma said above, these are testing grounds for national policies. Desantis is the only one saying it out loud (make American Florida), but this is the goal - total control.


Bingo. They are in occupied territory held by Nazis.


We’re lucky here in GA, as yeah, we have some of these extremists, but the Kemp wing of the GOP (which has it’s own real problems, to be sure), seem to be holding the line against those further to their right… And then we have been the focus of the reverse migration, as ATL has really attracted many Black Americans back to the south. We have a real chance to keep pushing further into blue territory here…

What most people don’t realize is that several other states are at similar places - and it’s always the heavy gerrymandering that is the problem. Not only has it depressed the vote (in rural places in GA and in other parts of the south), but it has emboldened the far right to become more involved in local politics. And then there was the wave of post-Trump radicalization that happened since 2016.

People mocking the south isn’t particularly helpful, when these people are working to make their ideology a national reality. I’m really sick of having to remind people over and over again that real people are being hurt here. The people suffering are not the MTGs and Ron Desantis’ of the world - it’s the working class Black community and the queer community that is the target. THAT is who their laughing at when they talk about “shithole” parts of the country…


It’s a different flavor of white supremacy. Both Dr. King and Malclom X wrote about the problem of the white liberal. We see that now expressed as just the kind of disdainful regionalism that is scattered in this thread. Alabama and Mississippi are majority-minority states. The only things that keeps a white supremacist minority in power are voter suppression, gerrymandering, and a racist criminal justice system. And so white liberals from the north make “shithole country” jokes while their neighbors do the same shit.

ETA: oh, and lots of money. ChikFilA, Hardees, Walmart, Hobby Lobby, et al like things the way they are; where they can exploit minorities who don’t have better prospects. Their whole business model changes if they have to pay living wages to a less-exploitable workforce. Oh, and racism, too.


Which is code for make America fascist. They care nothing for freedom or anyone but themselves. Nothing.


Yes, I’m aware, that’s part of my point…