Albuquerque PD encrypts videos before releasing them in records request

That’s for the savoury flavour, certainly, but I think your ‘being tricked into believing it’ also adds a bit of zest :).

I say that only with the most cynical of intentions :grimacing:

And then the police department charges her for violating the anti-circumvention provisions of the DMCA.


Open a working group for fixing American civil liberties in China.

The cognitive dissonance would probably make someone’s head explode.


Actually, if the password isn’t written down somewhere, then as things currently stand, you can’t demand a password from someone - it counts as self-incrimination. Of course, this doesn’t mean that the government can’t pressure you in an unofficial way. But in court, unless it’s some small time court with a judge who never studied law, an American can stand on that and a password that exists in your head and nowhere else cannot be demanded from you, and a password obtained under duress counts as tainted evidence, with everything FOUND using that password also being tainted and inadmissible.

Of course, I’m not a lawyer. Just someone who’s run into this problem IRL.


I strongly disagree. Besides implying a lot of classist BS, framing it this way effectively obscures the real problem. Which is that each person either participates in creating social life, or else they sit on their hands and hope somebody else can be trusted to do it for them. Participation does not involve having money or anything else, it involves doing.

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This would work if the police department wasn’t a part of the government owned by the people. It’s not a person (or even a corporation), the person who put the password on can be compelled, as they are working for the government, not incriminating themselves.

They obeyed the letter of the law in turning over the information, but it is not useful, therefore they have not obeyed the law.


I don’t know that this is true. Or if it has been established as such in situations like this one. “Turning over” information that is disguised with encryption may not qualify as “turning it over” at all. Likewise, degrading an image file by saving it out at 5 dpi may not qualify as “turning it over”. It depends on how the open records law has been interpreted in the past.

I’d like to know if the super-pixelated image in this post was part of the dataset handed over by APD, or if it’s some stock photo.


You can bet your ass it would be a crime if I did this to cops.

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Looks to me like some random data interpreted through MPEG decompression. Corrupted files generally look like this. An encrypted file, MPEG-decoded without decryption, could look quite similar.

Just like the majority of Americans, you’re being fed meme complexes that are intended to propagate through you into the voting populace here. This is not a new thing; it’s been going since before the US Civil War. The new thing is that these interlocking and reinforcing conceptual paradigms are able to cross the oceans and reinfect the US at the speed of Internet forum typing.

The cultural divide in the USA is not between political parties or between gun/anti-gun or abortion/anti-abortion or vaccine/anti-vaxx… it’s between the extremely rich and their uneducated, mostly poor foot solders, and everyone else. The Koch brothers don’t have any difficulty getting poorly informed people in the American South to vote against their own interests, and the Democratic elites in CA and MA don’t have any problem convincing educated middle class citizens to do the same.

So, yes, it’s self-delusion, in the sense that close to 99% of the Americans you’ll meet in these forums honestly believe things about other Americans that are easily proven to be false - politically motivated and memetically propagated categorization/typing errors. But it’s not just Americans that believe these things; you Europeans are being propagandized too, because our media are global now.


It’s spelled AlbUquerque, not AlbEquerque.

Was it encrypted using DOJ approved reversible and weak encryption?

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