Sheriff's deputy says he was told to play copyrighted music in hapless attempt to prevent video of him being uploaded

Originally published at: Sheriff's deputy says he was told to play copyrighted music in hapless attempt to prevent video of him being uploaded | Boing Boing


:musical_note: I shot the sheriff, but I did not choose the soundtrack. :musical_note:


Assuming this did work to get videos flagged and pulled, I would imagine that speeding up or slowing down the playback could sidestep the filter. Or, you could play competing music on a different device during the encounter, as long as the dialogue is still audible. The resulting mush of music might cancel each other out.


That counts as a public performance, and I am sure those fine police officers have fully paid their ASCAP dues.

If they haven’t, now is the time for those artists to sue for the lawful dues. I am certain that the fine officers would never break the law willingly, and will do everything they can to put things right.

Failing that, I am quite certain the thin blue line won’t provide any impediment to the ASCAP lawyers.

It takes a thief to catch a thief, and it takes a real bastard to punish real bastards.


This is stupid. They NEVER block videos for copyrighted material, they just don’t let you monentize it. Seems like the cops oughta be able to figure that out.


Yes they do.





the whole thing is so ridiculous. they put up a rule presumably specifically to target this one woman, that she can’t film herself dropping off forms in a public place

even the big beefy dude is intimidated by an envelope apparently

and you just know that everyone in there complains about what trouble she is, and why can’t she just be “nice” ( ie. follow their arbitrary rules )

try customer service, or working in a bar ( not something ive ever done, granted ), for a day. they literally have no idea

sometimes i wonder cops should be rotated around the country like we do with the military so that they can’t form these lasting bonds with the local lawyers, judges, city council, etc.

im sure they know none of their friends are ever going to hold them accountable for even this sort of petty bs


I shotgun-mic’d the sherrif, but i did not overdub the deputy.


You would be shocked at how many laws cops DON’T know.


I also recall hits such as:

But then, that was a pretty long time ago and maybe somewhere along the way Youtube caught on that this was a bad idea.


Rick Beato in the second video has valid point. Rhett Shull, who I like a lot, just failed to understand what got blocked. His video didn’t get blocked because of the song. It got blocked because he was using a video recording of a performance, and he didn’t own the video.

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That wasn’t the point I was making though. The point I was making was that there are indeed songs that will get you blocked. I’m sure there are discussions in cop forums about exactly which songs will do this as opposed to merely demonetizing.

C’mon Knoblauch, time to go back to Harbor Freight.

Why? Because you’re a craptastic tool.


Well, these cops are a joke.
And parody is, in fact, fair-use.

A few years ago I was handling all the technical stuff for a large ‘broadcast’ (live YouTube stream). In a meeting with the event orgs and producer, I said if the house sound guy plays music then YouTube will screw us badly. The producer said in all confidence I’m worrying over nothing, nothing will happen.

20 minutes into the show… I think it was a Metallica tune… yep… YouTube killed our stream over the copyright issue. With the link dead, all our sponsor commercials didn’t get played, some demanded their money back… from a business & PR point of view, a complete disaster.

Orgs were furious at the producer, and for whatever, the producer was furious with me. I’ll consider it all water under the bridge when I get the $6,000 owed for my services.

You do NOT mess with YouTube.


Yeah but Rhett Shull’s video didn’t get blocked because of the song. That example doesn’t prove your point. Beato’s video totally proves your point. Beato even testified before Congress on this issue, which probably won’t make a damn bit of difference, unfortunately, but at least he’s trying to do something.

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anyone with experience interacting with the police should absolutely not be shocked by this

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