Clever hack that will end badly: playing copyrighted music during Nazis rallies so they can't be posted to Youtube

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Could you explain how the second sentence follows from the first here?


It’s a feature for the media cartels that designed the system, not for the ordinary users. They want very very much for people to forget that fair use is even a thing. There are quotes from Sony execs that “fair use is dead” and “there is no such thing as fair use”. By making the system completely ignore the concept of fair use they can push it out of the public consciousness. Their only goal is to own content and make money from that ownership.


I don’t understand what he meant by that either. Not differentiating between the two is intentional?

What do you base that on? As far as I know, Content ID is based on audio fingerprinting which didn’t come from media cartels and the system using it was all made by YouTube.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but an audio content match on YouTube generally means that the video can not be monetized by the uploader… and not an automatic takedown. That’s a huge annoyance if you’re a vlogger who makes their living from YouTube ad revenue. But not a big deal otherwise. Although I think it does mean a takedown on Facebook.

A video content match (as opposed to just audio) can indeed lead to a takedown, (as I learned when I tried to upload a stream of a Star Wars super 8 movie surprisingly) but that wouldn’t apply to this situation.

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YouTube didn’t build this system because they like taking down their own content. They did it because they were getting constant threat of lawsuits and demands from the cartels about how to run their system. YouTube’s native content producers were not consulted in the construction of the system, it was entirely built according to the demands of the people with the attack lawyers.


Couldn’t someone trying to use this counter protest technique be potentially guilty of copyright infringement themselves? The license you get when you buy an album doesn’t cover “performance”, which includes playing the recording in public.

Of course it’s extremely unlikely that you’d ever face consequences for playing music in public, since an automated algorithm isn’t listening to everything you do in public and silencing you for any perceived infraction without due process (…yet?)


That’s needlessly complicated, more than likely the takedown process is almost entirely automated at these point and you can just claim its a violation and it will be taken down anyway. I’ve seen Nintendo use that method to take down videos detailing how to hack the Switch.

An audio content match means they’ll mute the video, and eventually take it down if you don’t successfully dispute the strike. It also means they’ll demonetize every video you have uploaded, and if you get two hits they’ll kill your account. It’s basically a mob shakedown from the media companies. They don’t even have to be legitimate takedowns. The bots are assumed to be correct, and automatically reject any appeal. Getting a real person to look at it is pretty much impossible.




Once the alt right starts crying i’m sure donnie t will ride in on his snow white golf cart to the rescue, an executive order…he could release it in a week but 2 weeks, a month and it’ll amaze you. The solution, unthinkably smart, the best…2-3 months out tops…

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This is the warning I got for posting a video of Chuck Berry 78s. They didn’t mute or take down the video. Maybe it depends on WHICH copyrighted content and how the owner has chose to deal with these things in general? In my case it wasn’t a big deal at all… image



Genius hack. I wager we can sneak in some Metallica without them getting wise to the trick.

I’m totally being oversensitive, I don’t know what movie that’s from, and they are, of course, Nazi’s…

…but did anyone else do a double-take when you saw a GIF of a car being driven at speed towards a crowd of people you don’t agree with? That’s not what we do, right?

It’s what we do if we have a band to get back together and an orphanage to save.


This could take Rickrolling out a whole new door!


ah! kicking myself (off a bridge). thanks for the reminder! I like this one better, though:


Extra fun: play baby elephant walk on a Sousaphone as you follow along behind these “pinnacle examples of the human form”.